Be an answer to someone’s life: Aditya Tikku

We were shocked after Raksha Bandhan, Aditya Tikku was not visible even in any Har Ghar Tiranga function and as well as also not during the celebration of Independence Day. Where does this true Indian disappear suddenly? My sixth sense was alarming badly which triggered us to reach all the contacts as much as possible even in Sanjan village. But the nuts were as it is. We immediately flew to Jaipur from Ahmedabad as we heard his family was there in Jaipur, India.
And yes, our dart hit the target to fetch him near his home surrounded by street children. This is the reason he is popular as a socialist, and feminist. He is a man of values and never rests until the last stone got unturned in adding colors to people’s lives.
He saw me and in a soft voice said Swagat hai…can’t describe but the feeling was amazing. We had tea and with every sip, I toss the question 😊 why you did not attend the Rakhi function in Vrindavan and the Independence Day too? He smiled and said I was not well even now I am not recovered completely.
Then I had some sweet and asked salty one there is news floating in Vrindavan and Varanasi in the media, regarding your possible intention to take Sanyas in the upcoming Kumbh. What do you have to say about that?
Achha … from where you get such rumors, I am a common man whose life is as unpredictable and I have no power to even predict the next second, however, I wish to attend the next Kumbh. So, I would rather say that I have not decided anything about that matter and hence, would like to dismiss or shut down every rumor about the topic.” He sounded like shut up but his calm face looks as if he was saying to ask some mature question.

Be an answer to someone's life: Aditya Tikku

Then I thought asked the latest one, Is there anything you wish to say about the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ movement on the auspicious occasion of 75th Independence Day? What are your thoughts on this movement? As a great Indian spoke out with patriotism in his heart,” With every part of my body filled with positivity and patriotic feelings for this great country, I would like to say that the movement should have started as early as 1950, however, the start of this beautiful movement matters and it’s good to see the great movement being carried out in each part of the country with the endless support of the citizens. “
My last curiosity was at the peak to leak out through the lips, Many have noticed that you have always shown great support to women and unsupported classes Are there any specific reasons behind this? He doesn’t showcase his feelings but it needs to be clear and for that, he responded,” Well, to explain the reason behind my support, I would like to light to you a recent case from Rajasthan. A Dalit girl happened to touch a water tank, after which she was beaten to death by a teacher. Even after knowing about this case, would you ask me any further questions as to why I support them more than anything else? The question itself doesn’t make any sense and you know why. Well, we know how people discriminate against women and unsupported classes. Society has been no less than a monster for them.
With a huge effort, I said yes I know this case….. he keeps the cup and asked me you are aware then why you have not reached out to her family rather than coming to Jaipur? Don’t always be a question be an answer to someone’s life.
Bhojan ka samay hogya kar lijiye, I said Sir aap …. I am on upvas .

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I didn’t have the guts to ask why and for whom.