Be The change with your social work

Bhajanandani Foundation is an initiative taken by Founder Palubhai Gandhi, who believes that being a musician, a social worker, a businessman, a trustee of various organizations, a politician and a devotee of God, it’s our foremost duty to do something for the welfare of the society. The main motive of Bhajanandani is to create awareness among the underprivileged section of society and help the helpless.

Bhajanandani has organized various events on giving opportunities to singers of all castes and communities by training them in music and hymns without any discrimination. The accommodation of these trainees is also provided free of cost.

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Palubhai Gandhi, also known as Bhajanandani, was awarded for excellence in social service by the government of Gujrat. He believes a great lover of music, “Bhajanandani Foundation has supported young people across the State to enjoy, study, and excel in music. We try to reach out to young people to buy their instruments, update equipment, attend a residential or receive music lessons. The fund prioritizes low-income families who can struggle to afford the costs of supporting a passionate and committed young musician. Together we can make a difference.”

This foundation aims to support, develop and listen to the needs and aspirations of gifted young musicians who present challenges to their musical development. Their core is in the evolution of the young lives affecting; inspiring examples of musical talent and life development.

Today Bhajanandani is a well-known name for humans like him who are tirelessly working towards the upliftment of society through his initiatives in the field of music and others.