“Being Sevak Charitable Trust” Initiates “Save the Flag” Drive on 16th August 2023, Promoting Respect for the National Flag Post Independence Day Celebrations

Mumbai,Maharashtra: In a remarkable initiative aimed at fostering a deep sense of reverence for the national flag, “Being Sevak Charitable Trust” organized the “Save the Flag” drive on the 16th of August, 2023. This thoughtful campaign comes in the wake of the 76th Independence Day celebrations, with a special focus on the responsible handling of the Indian flag after it is hoisted.

It is a common sight after flag hoisting ceremonies that flags are found discarded on the roadsides or left outside in a disrespectful manner. Understanding the need to instill a sense of pride and honor for the national flag, Being Sevak Charitable Trust has taken up this noble cause to educate the public about the proper disposal of the flag and the importance of preserving its dignity.

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The “Save the Flag” drive aims to spread awareness and encourage citizens to take a pledge to treat the national flag with the utmost respect. Volunteers from the Being Sevak Charitable Trust have taken to the streets, engaging with the local public and conducting awareness campaigns. Through various channels, including workshops, talks, and community interactions, the initiative emphasizes the significance of safeguarding our National Flag.

The main objective of this drive is to prevent the flag from being thrown on the roads or left in inappropriate places. The national flag, which is a symbol of our nation’s unity, pride, and sacrifice, deserves to be treated with the highest regard. By raising awareness about the proper protocol for handling and disposing of the flag, Priyank Shah the trustee of Being Sevak Charitable Trust hopes to instill a lasting sense of responsibility and patriotism among citizens.

As the nation continues to celebrate the spirit of independence, the “Save the Flag” drive by Being Sevak Charitable Trust stands as a powerful reminder that our duties as responsible citizens extend beyond just hoisting the flag. It is a call to action, urging us all to embrace a culture of respect and honor for the symbols that represent our country’s rich heritage and ideals.

Through this initiative, “Being Sevak Charitable Trust” sets an inspiring example of how collective efforts and conscious actions can create a positive impact on society. As citizens unite to uphold the sanctity of our national flag, we move one step closer towards building a nation that is not only free but also respectful and united.