Best Data Analytics Institutes in India.


Did you know that you don’t need any coding background to learn Data Analytics? And it is one of the highest paying jobs in India and around the world? If you are looking for the best Data Analytics Institutes in India, you’re at the right place. We have summed up the top 3 Data Analytics Institutes in India here. 

In today’s Internet-powered era, Data is more valuable and powerful than gold, properties, and even crude oil. Every organization needs a solid database to operate smoothly. 

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A data analyst’s job is to gather and analyse data in order to address a specific problem. The work necessitates a lot of time spent with data, but it also necessitates communicating insights. 

If you have excellent critical thinking skills and enjoy working with numbers to resolve problems, a career in data analytics may be a good fit for you. Some python programming skills, Basic math skills, MS Excel skill sets, and a problem-solving mind-set are essential to becoming a top-tier Data Analyst.

An excellently skilled Data Analyst can handle a solid database. This means almost every business or organization needs data analysts. Ed-Tech platforms like Madrid Software & others have been offering these courses in India for a while now.

So, to simplify this, we will discuss the Best Data Analytics Institutes in India and how you can benefit from the courses offered by them.

  1. Madrid Software

Madrid Software has been serving students and professionals with top-notch data analyst courses for a long time now. Launched in 2011, and after successfully training 20000+ professionals this institute provides job-oriented courses to applicants with no prior data analytics knowledge.

If you want to learn data analytics from the bottom up and become a highly proficient Data Analyst, this is the course for you. As the course progresses from Introduction to in-depth Data Analysis principles.

Another excellent feature of Madrid Software is that they provide both classroom and online training by qualified faculties. With over 300+ hiring partners in India, Madrid Software offers the best placement opportunities to their students.

You’ll be given real-world tasks, case studies, simulated assessments, and even practice interviews. As a result, you will not only study data analysis but also how to ace a data analyst job interview. Madrid Software also assigns a personal placement coordinator to each enrollee to ensure everyone obtains their desired career.

Madrid Software, the best Data Analytics Institutes in India –

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  • Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw academy is also another best institute in India to learn analytics. Most of their courses are online.

Course content is good and easy to understand. The course contains case studies and also helps in problem-solving methodologies. The best thing about Jigsaw is its excellent faculty and customer support.

Overall, Jigsaw Academy Curriculum is good and may not look fancy to tech folks. However, it’s great for beginners and professionals. 

  • UpGrad

UpGrad, which was founded in 2015, is a well-known name for online courses in data science, software, technology, and management. You may select any course based on your needs, budget, and timing.

UpGrad is recognised for providing world-class education via industry tie-ups. It has collaborated with prominent universities like IMT Ghaziabad, Duke University, Chandigarh University, and many more to attain this goal.

Every course is different from the others and has a unique selling point. However, you may choose the best Data Analyst Course for you according to your requirements. You can look at dominating features like course curriculum, pricing, post-course completion support, and job opportunities.