Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur building brands from a smart city of Chhattisgarh

Shiwani Kumar is an author and co-founder of Social Chitra. Her debut novel “Joint Family” was a bestselling book. She completed her Journalism and Mass communication in 2019 from Amity University Chhattisgarh. She worked as a social media manager in Fashion TV and a startup firm in Mumbai. She felt the need for Digital marketing upliftment and firm in her state. So, she collaborated with her school friends and also the most creative Human Beings. Abhishek Singh and Kshitij Dewani, while all together built Social Chitra.

It was 2020, and they all were in their early 20’s with so much creativity and a plethora of ideas. They started Social Chitra in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

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Digital Media firms are the future of Advertisement. When we talk about total digital marketing aid, Social Chitra stands there. Social Chitra is a Creative marketing firm founded by the creative minds of Chhattisgarh.

“Social Chitra – Building your Social Charitra.” This is the sole mantra of the team and the creativity behind it. They started their journey during the first lockdown and happily kept expanding to date. They are serving Indian and international clients with the same zeal and hard work. 

Their creativity and strategic work style make them stand out from the crowd. The world demands the box ideas, and they have plenty of them. Any brand requires a unique strategy to grow, with accurate reports and also a good team. Social Chitra backs every brand peculiarly. They also like to put more emphasis on research and top-notch content.

Social Chitra is any brand’s one-stop solution. It offers Web development, App Development, Digital Marketing, Content and Strategy building, Media Planning and Buying, Online Reputation Management, TVCs, and Photography. They are much more than your ordinary marketing team. 

Social Chitra is founded by young minds of the world who expertise ideally in their work. After facing two lockdowns, they didn’t let the zeal calm down. Their hard work paid off, and currently, they are soaring high with 10+ brands. 

The mind-boggling creative team of Social Chitra paves the path of creativity. They believe in leading you with your out-of-the-box ideas and work for them daily.

Creativity & marketing: Social Chitra is your one-stop solution to lead in the Digital world. They make you trend with their strategic plans, research, and trendy graphics.

PLANNING TO START-UP – they build you as a brand by creating, designing, and promoting. They make what you want and let you trend by their creativity.

Content management: Content is the core part to connect, as it engages the audience. Its team of fine writers is always ready with their keyboards to present effective content to lead.

Social Chitra is a Creative Marketing Firm, which helps you to buzz with creativity. Stepping out of the box is their ideology and work throughout this. Each piece is unique to the clients, and that’s why they study each of them carefully. They got Strategies for you, with Digital Marketing and Web development for sure. But they also have expertise in Commercials, Photography, Documentaries and much more. They are much more than your ordinary marketing team. As they extensively work on research, unique ideas for each client and trendy content.