Bhargav Jariwala, an Indian author of Romance Novel. “You Met Me for a Reason”

It’s a Story of Love, Friendship, Hope and Adventure. He described his true Romantic Story in his book, A unique and adventurous Story which went on to become a bestseller, An Author  is a self-determined soul who found love and passion in trekking and dedicated his time to travelling to the Himalayas for his ultimate love for the mountains. He also did this to expand his physical and mental abilities to the horizon and later felt the need to pen his thoughts and feelings in the form of a book. He felt the need to express himself through a story that could exude his love for the mountains, making for a romantic Novel. That is how he wrote and published his book “You Met Me for a Reason,” is now available globally on Amazon Worldwide, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, AbeBooks, Alibris, ThriftBooks,

Booksamillion, Biblio, Scheltema, Flipkart & Many more, Before his Success the Book was sent to almost 10 publishers for publishing, but they were all rejected and returned, So he decided to go with self-publishing house White Falcon Publishing which went on to become a bestseller, With a penchant for not only traveling, but also for living in different places, he finds inspiration to live wherever he goes. He successfully completed several treks like The Seri Frozen Lake trek, Sour Tal lake trek, Chaddar frozen trek, Kedarkantha and many more and from Sour Tal lake trek An Author got inspiration to write because one of the girl on Trek was fall in love with him and from that he inspire to write his own story so he tried his hand with a pen and paper for his debut novel “You Met Me for a Reason”. Amazing is all those success stories of people that radiate the excellence and brilliance of young talents and passionate souls across industries around the world.

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However, only a handful of these stories have the power to win the hearts of people. Wonder why? Because they are created from the ground up and are made out of sheer love for doing something in life. These individuals and professionals have been able to garner more recognition and name in their fields because they have thrived on their passion, pure skills, and determination in life, which has what made them known as true-blue professionals in their chosen niches. We couldn’t help but notice the swift rise of one such self-made man, a trekker, an author, and a storyteller named Bhargav Jariwala.

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