Bikry – Digital launchpad for small-medium businesses

Bikry, an in-house team of experts that manages all aspects of online business for its users. A Made in India app, which allows its clients to focus on their core activities rather than engrossing themselves into multiple fields of business.

Since the pandemic had already caused massive dislocation among small businesses, India can resume its growth path with technology. Bikry provides one such solution to small businesses and local vendors to set up an e-commerce store.

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Bikry has made creating an online shop so simple that Bikry has proactively implemented over 1000000+ stores online, with over 10 lakh products that have been listed so far. More than 120000+ users have downloaded the Bikry app to use their exclusive services in just four months.

Each user gets a custom store web link where they can exhibit all their products or services. The link of the store can be shared with customers using WhatsApp or any other social media platforms for placing direct orders and user can also add their custom domain. It is a simple mobile app for users to access all the information about their stores, like orders, monthly sales, customer analytics, etc., right at their fingertips.

The Bikry app caters to creating an online store in 30 seconds and provides a delightful experience to its users. With Bikry, users can personalize their store website for their customers. Store owners can showcase new products, simplify reorders, and more—making that first-time buyer a long-time customer.

Himanshu Garg, CEO, and Founder of Bikry, told us,

“This year, technology has helped to overcome the big disruption caused by the pandemic to a great extent. Similarly, our objective is to provide exceptional services to local stores, to build an e-commerce site for them, helping them to become digital and make their BIKRI hassle-free”.

He added, “We are aiming to expand our vision of democratizing commerce and bringing best-of-breed tools to merchants throughout the digital world. As a team, we draw a bead on data analytics to understand consumer insights so that we understand the demand patterns and plan our approach for the future accordingly. Also, we firmly stand against the centralization of technology only to big companies. We believe in providing their fair share to small businesses by making our technical services available at very reasonable charges. Our motto is to provide vocal for the locals.”

Bikry aims to closely understand their users’ needs and their inhibitions in bringing them into the digital world. Bikry indeed acknowledges the fact that technology can be clout to work to the benefit of those who need it the most. They have answered the considerable question of users that “how to get my business online?” And the answer is quite simple. Just download the Bikry app. So far, Bikry has managed to put a smile on millions of satisfied users and continues to do so.

I think Bikry has gone through all the google queries of all the business owners like; How to sell online? How to sell products on Google?, How to create an online store? How to get a payment gateway? How to get more sales? How to create a multi-vendor store? How to get resellers for my business?

They have solved many problems with one solution, ie. Bikry App.

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