Binnu Dhillon – A Comedy Genre Expert and Shining Star of Punjabi Film Industry

Binnu Dhillon is well known rising star in Punjabi Film Industry. He is real hope and scope of Comedy Genre ruling out on the hearts of Punjabi and Non Punjabi Audience. He is mostly seen in the comedy films and with a perfect timings of Binnu Dhillon, he becomes the prime factor in every Comedy Genre movie. Without him, it is quite difficult to throw dialogues and receive bombarding response to laugh out loud.

During his comedy films, doesn’t matter if Binnu Dhillon is getting role at lead or supporting role, he is always main attraction in the movie, with his perfect dialogue delivery. He creates the funny atmosphere not with his dialogues only but with his face expressions, gestures and postures as well which is a real quality of any comedy actor.

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Now, he is coming to make us laugh with his upcoming movie “Golgappe” that is full of drama that bring out the confusion among three friends who runs Golgappe outlet. Don in the movie Bagga Kidnaps Dr. Chawla’s wife and ask for 10 Lakh but due to confusion, call get connected to these three friends and this is the time when dramatic and most interesting part begins. It will be suspense and fun filled story that how these three friends manage to arrange the funds and what will happen in the end.

Film star cast includes Binnu Dhillon, Rajat Bedi, B.N. Sharma, Ihana Dhillon, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Dilawar Sidhu. Film “Golgappe” is directed by Smeep Kang who has deliver biggest hits to Punjabi Industry. This is the fifth time when Binnu Dhillon and Smeep Kang are coming together. It will be released on 17 February 2023 under the banner of Zee Studios.