Bollywood Producer turned Actor Faisal Khan Honoured with DadaSaheb Phalke Indian Television Award 2021

The film industry has many gems. One such gem in the industry is Faisal Khan (USA), an international producer and actor. Faisal Khan acted as Inspector Chulbul Pandey’s in the film Beti Hindustan Ki, an award-winning film.

Faisal Khan (USA) is an alumnus of NEU Chicago and has years of experience in the food business, sports, and showbiz. Faisal Khan is known for producing films on social issues and problems. He prefers making movies on the topics that are less talked about. Mr Khan was presented with DadaSaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards 2021, one of the most prestigious television awards for his role in Beti Hindustan Ki.

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Faisal Khan has produced the film with Paris Entertainment India and produced a song for the movie. He is keen on building and bringing up the talent, and Rapper King Smokey sang the song. Faisal Khan says, “It always feels good to promote talent and give them a platform.” On being nominated and honored with the award Faisal Khan (USA) calls this a proud moment, which indeed it is.

Faisal Khan (USA) recalls when the movie was nominated for DadaSaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards 2021, it was during April when Mr Khan was in the USA when COVID-19 was at its peak. He couldn’t come to India following the COVID protocol. One of the officials contacted him, who informed him that Mr Faisal Khan (USA) was being presented with the award. Mr. Faisal Khan says, “I asked why I am being awarded?”

The official informed that Mr. Khan was being awarded DadaSaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards 2021 as a producer and as an actor for his film ‘Beti Hindustan Ki,’ a movie that has touched hundreds of souls and in today’s time is relevant to the core, and very few people dare to act and to produce such films.

The film showcases the current crime situation in the country. The film is made to educate and make people aware of the solutions they can sort to in the civilized society.

Apart from acting and producing songs and movies, Mr. Faisal Khan (USA) owns and runs a business in the United States and is passionate about producing, acting and bringing talented people on stage. Being honored with DadaSaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards 2021 is an achievement, especially for a compelling film-like, Beti Hindustan Ki. His other projects include Jai Luxmi Maiya, Delhi Crime and various TV Commercials, and Texas Radio Shows like 1220 AM and Play Stage Drama’ Viah Kuri Da Mundan Piyo Da’ and many others. He has actively produced many shows and dramas in the past, as well.

As Faisal Khan produced and acted in this film, the shift was drastic and a significant one, as the responsibility was big Mr Khan had to make sure no leaf remained unturned and the best was delivered to the audience.

On being nominated with the award Faisal Khan (USA) says this has encouraged me and my productions to give more movies like this and more hard work will be done. Amid family responsibilities earlier, Faisal Khan couldn’t give his best but now as his children’s education and other things are done, allowing him to dedicate his full time to his passion— passion for movies.

When asked what his plans are, he reveals that his goal is to raise awareness in the population to the serious issues in our society that raise awareness in the community and give them directions to fight and clean them out.