BOLT: Protein Nutrition with goodness of Ayurvedic Herbs

“Bolt Ayurvedic Plant protein is highly recommended that promotes optimal health, wellness, and vitality with correct nutrients that is needed for the body to absorb”

Ayurveda is the ancient healer and Ayurvedic protein is made of the key Ayurvedic ingredients with the perfect blend that is beneficial in reducing inflammation in the body. ‘Bolt Ayurvedic plant protein’ consists of traditional herbs and spices packed with nutrients along with its delicious tastes. ‘Bolt’s Ayurvedic plant protein is super charged with Phycocyanin which is also a nutrient rich protein. Synthesized by blue-green microalgae known popularly as Spirulina, Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex. It has well-known antioxidative properties, and functions as a great immunity booster. Considering the benefits of Ayurveda, plant protein and phycocyanin BOLT has brought integrated revolutionary Ayurvedic plant protein ‘BOLT 100% whey protein super charged with phycocyanin’.

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‘Bolt Ayurvedic plant protein’ is specifically produced to boost metabolism that not only builds immunity but holds the capacity to fight common ailments by building a wall of pathogens. Its well balanced nutrition serves the best in the long run. Needless to say, Ayurveda is the oldest healing systems in the world and Bolt’s Ayurvedic plant protein supports fat burning and lean muscle building. ‘Bolt Ayurvedic plant protein’ comes with flavor of Piedmont Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, and Simply Unflavored which are gluten free and sugar free prepared with purest raw materials. This makes Bolt Ayurvedic Plant protein a popular option for overall health and metabolism along with increase in immunity.

Bolt is a former pharma research company with a demonstrated history of performance of pharma grade auditing and quality assurance practices for various eminent brands in the Nutraceutical field. With rich past experiences they have innovated their own protein blends with a mission to provide assistance to all health conscious people. The team at BOLT comprises of the expertise with rich experience from the sectors of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. They spared no effort in bringing a revolutionary protein powder blends with a mission to empower fitness enthusiasts with everything they require to be the healthiest and fittest selves.

Bolt’s Ayurvedic plant protein has an equally balanced perfect blend of Ayurvedic herbs and whey protein with quality assurance that makes it perfect for a human body. It not just strengthens muscle power but also reduces mental stress and body fat that boosts immunity and stamina. The BOLT promises that their pioneering phycocyanin based formulations significantly enhances your anaerobic and athletic performance ensuring better workouts and quicker recovery because the team at BOLT believes fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income or access to a gym.

When it come to protein supplements BOLT is the popular name in India and Bolt’s Ayurvedic plant protein gives multiple benefits for the one who are on a vegan diet and Bolt’s Ayurvedic plant protein powder is the best choice widely accepted by all athletes, fitness trainers, and aspiring body builders. It is available at a relatively low price.

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