Book Review: I WANNA GROW UP ONCE AGAIN by Dr. Sumit Goel – Change the Perception, Break the Pattern

The book – I WANNA GROW UP … ONCE AGAIN – Change the Perception, Break the Pattern is an inward journey into how we have lived our life, till now … and how we choose to live from now!

It is about the journey of transformation, of the awareness and acceptance of our perceptions and patterns and the action of changing the perception and breaking the pattern.

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With the first breath, the first cry we begin the big long journey called ‘LIFE’.

Book Review: I WANNA GROW UP ONCE AGAIN by Dr. Sumit Goel – Change the Perception, Break the Pattern

As we grow up, we try to understand life, ourselves and the world around us. These understandings are our Perceptions. Our perception becomes a reality for us. And we go forming our perceptions, those perceptions become our version of actuality and that becomes the story of our lives. We start to live with certain perceptions about our self. We feel we are alone. We feel nobody seems to understand us. We feel we are not good enough. We think ourselves a failure.

Our Perceptions lead to our Patterns of behaviour. These patterns become repetitive. We seem to perceive and react in the same pattern again and again. And most of the times, these patterns of behavior are something that we find difficult to break. And so, we follow the same routine life day after day. We find ourselves caught in loops in life. Stories are different, situations are different, but our patterns remain the same.

And a time comes in all our lives, when we tell ourselves – I wanna grow up … once again.

Book Review: I WANNA GROW UP ONCE AGAIN by Dr. Sumit Goel – Change the Perception, Break the Pattern

We look to the outside for answers. We look up to others for guidance. We want to achieve great things in life. Sometimes, we don’t even take the first step. Sometimes, we stop at the first step. And then we start to believe that we cannot do anything. 

We start to think, if only I could go back, if only I could grow up from that point once again, I would pan out my life differently. We don’t understand, realise, acknowledge that we become fixed in this loop of perceptions and patterns of behavior in every situation of our life.

We become so comfortable in our so-called comfort zone, that we don’t wish to come out of it. We get scared of change, we desire different outcomes, but the sheer uncertainty of it holds us back. We view and review everything new around us but we forget to look within.

The change that we wish to see in the world starts from the change within.

“When we shift our perception, our experience changes.”

“Every thought we think is creating our future.” Louise Hay

There is no greater power in the universe than thought. What is mind, nothing but thoughts. The moment we have the awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance of this, starts the process of “Change the Perception, Break the Pattern”.

Transformation does not lie in changing the past or controlling our environment. It lies within. What happens to us is not important. What happens in us is important.

Transformation is not an event. It is a journey. It is not a specific moment in our life. It is a continuous process of empowered living. Transformation journeys start with certain critical questions. For such questions, there is no right answer. The critical questions are

Do I really want to transform?

Am I ready for transformation?

Do I really believe that my transformation is possible?

That moment when we really and actually decide to Change the Perceptions and Break the Patterns, our journey begins …

This journey of transformation traverses the three steps of Awareness, Acceptance and Action!

In the long run, there are three simple rules to consider:
  1. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.
  2. If you never ask a question, the answer is always no.
  3. If you do not step forward, you will remain in the same place.

The book tries to connect us to certain deeper parts of us with thought provoking issues like 

Why we don’t do what we want to do!

Why do we hold on, why do we not let go!

We all make efforts, but how do we handle setbacks and burnouts!

How to identify and manage our triggers!

How to change our perceptions and break our patterns!

Sometimes, the only thing that is needed is to take a deep breath, be totally convinced, and just act. Nothing else is needed. The Universe is a Thought! And it is the thought that can propel us into action.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
Sometimes, if we think deep enough, thoughts can be converted into action just by snapping a finger. Right now. With just the right shift in our thoughts. No plans needed. Plans are for the brain to make and implement. Plans make it simple to act.
The only plan needed is awareness and acceptance.

The Foreword to this book is penned by the internationally acclaimed Actor, Author, Motivational Speaker – Shri Anupam Kher. It is titled – Anupam Kher speaks …

This is followed by a Prologue – Let the journey begin, followed by a small poem – All alone.

The book is divided into three sections

  1. Perceptions
  2. Patterns
  3. Change the Perception, Break the Pattern

The first section delves into the perceptions that we form about ourselves and the world around us as we grow up. It gets into awareness the “I” of the storm. These are the “I” statements that we perceive about ourselves – I am a failure; I am not good enough, etc.

The second section delves into the patterns of behaviour that we adopt as a default. It also explores the concept of “inner child” and its influence into the development of repetitive automated patterns.

The third section presents with the tools and concepts to change the perception and break the pattern. The journey of transformation comprises of awareness, acceptance and action; understanding and managing our triggers; about holding on and letting go; handling setbacks and burnouts and about mindfulness.

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Overall Verdict

Book: I wanna grow up once again

Subtitle:  Change the perception, break the pattern

Author: Dr. Sumit Goel

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 978-1685866136

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 282

A life coach in the form of book. Easy read. Great book for self reflection. A must have book.Read About Dr. Sumit Goel.

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