Book Review: Money- What’s Left, What’s Right by the Accidental Millionaire Dhanashree Bhatkal

MONEY ~ What’s Left What’s Right, is a Money Management Toolkit designed to be a light read, It brings about the blend of two essential components of Financial Freedom.

One Section is dedicated to the Money Mindset work which is often ignored by sceptics. The other Section serves as a detailed step by step guide in planning your financial freedom thresholds, and understanding various ways to get there.

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The book leaves the reader with tools and skills to use in life in the years to come. It runs on the belief that balance is the most important factor when we make long haul goals.

The book can serve as a guide for individuals looking at transforming their financial realities to create a new financial position for themselves. Those that are willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes, to get closer to their Dream life.

The author takes the reader through the first part, working on the mental blocks one by one and demolishing the mindset challenges that come in the way. In the second half the reader is acquainted with the concepts of finance, and how to create a strong and agile Money Management System. This one is a great Toolkit which the reader might want to repeatedly go back to and work with.

It might be a great investment if you are serious about changing your Financial Story for Good. The book sticks to facts, worksheets and real-life examples making it an interesting read. It is not preachy in its approach and is more a first-person conversation the author seeks to have with the reader. The author uses a lot of autobiographical content to share and put across many of the concepts and processes that she mentions in the book. It brings together 20 years of the Author’s entrepreneurial journey and more importantly 40 years of her ‘entitled’ life journey. Her being an accidental millionaire and intentional entrepreneur brings both sides of the spectrum to the table, which is evident in the book.

With the rave reviews the book is receiving, it is bound to be a handy toolkit for you to change your financial reality.

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Overall Verdict

Book: Money – What’s Left, What’s Right

Subtitle: By the accidental millionaire

Author: Dhanashree Bhatkal

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 979-8887336893

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 308

is an extraordinary read, based on self-help genre. This read talks about a very important term ‘Money and Finances’. I really found this read engrossing from the first page itself till I flip on the last one. This read has been divided up into four parts, all very well-written. If you want to learn money management then this is for you. Do grab your copies and go through it.

Now, coming on the book cover, it’s simple and well-designed. The title was well-suited and searched. The writing style of the author was rich and perfect. The explanations were short but up to mark. The pace was good.

Overall, an informative read and will definitely be recommended.

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