Book Review: MUMS, MENTAL HEALTH AND MILESTONES by Author Rakhi Kapoor – A holistic guide to aspiring parents!

How does the health of the mother reflect on the child? Can the baby learn from the mother in the womb? Every time a pregnant woman or a new mom reaches out expressing her stress levels and challenges, society, family and friends mostly blame the hormones for her response. Why does it have to be stereotyped? This third book on pregnancy by author Rakhi Kapoor is a holistic guide educating expecting mothers and their families about the significance of mental health, emotional nurturing and the physical well-being of mothers. The book offers a new-age perspective about tackling the often-neglected aspects of pregnancy like mood swings, anxiety and fear of childbirth, personal stress levels, work-life pressure, post-natal blues, etc. Backed up by research, real-life relatable, emotional case studies, activities, checklists and diagnosis dealt with by the author, the book is sure to make you show a lot more compassion and a new perspective towards childbirth itself.

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Overall Verdict

Book: Mums, Mental Health And Milestones

Subtitle: A holistic guide to aspiring parents

Author: Rakhi Kapoor

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 978-1684941674

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 196

Emotional instability and newborn surf are unavoidable parts of incubation and maternity. It is normal for anticipating women to be sensitive and worried during gestation.

Book Review: MUMS, MENTAL HEALTH AND MILESTONES by Author Rakhi Kapoor – A holistic guide to aspiring parents!

At the beginning of the pregnancy, every woman mulls over about Motherhood and what fibs ahead in life. The author calls it the M factor, motherhood, maternal instincts etc. She goes about figuring out how to cope with the initial signs of the pregnancy like nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Another M factor then whacks her. It’s called mood swings. Actually, it nods her and everyone around her, be it her husband, her parents, siblings or buddies. In the yore, the mentally and emotionally well-being g of anticipating women was dismissed, and the women endured secretly. Mood swings and baby brine are not some mode or ford that determining women are putting up in the present scenario.

This book elaborates on how adversities can alter positivity. Moreover, there are reasons why women endure these situations and how they can overcome circumstances.

Women should avoid intrusive advice which is easy to say; however, difficult to change. The author has beautifully jotted down the experience on top of that for those females too who faced the pandemic.

Overall, it’s a good read for all the mothers to be and not to forget for males to know more about their spouse.

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