Brad Manning, Uprising Snapchat Influencer

In 2012, Snapchat took over our lives and it has only improved with the filters and updates. It’s constantly evolving to accomodate and create more data that can enable its users to create different lenses and have fun with the app overall. 

One such dynamic user we bring to you today is Brad Manning. Born in 2004, at just 18, Brad has managed to create a persona of himself that has thousands of followers on snapchat. He has worked efficiently to create lenses that have enabled other users to enjoy them as well. 

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With over 22K subscribers, one can find Brad under the username zyxbrad on snapchat itself. Apart from Snap, he has also worked on other social media profiles. His work with 347aidan and Egovert has also been groundbreaking. He also plans on working further with other creators to come up with unique and attractive perspectives that can help boost their popularity. 

He is very inclined towards being an influencer, a producer and acting. He believes in consistently producing content for people to enjoy. His personality also allows him to make friends from all over the world.

Although, he is quite private about his personal life, it is quite known that he is engaged to Simon. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

He is a happy go lucky force in his daily life. He shares a lot of content that is created based on what he does throughout the day. He shares his food pictures, excercise pictures, lifestyle, anything that people would possibly want to know about him. His only motivation is to encourage people to live better.