Brainywood is India’s First 4th Dimension Learning App that helps to memorise.

Indian Ed-tech Industry has been significantly booming post covid. More than 2000+ Ed-Tech start-ups serve the Indian education sector, including Byjus, Vedantu, Unacamedy, Udemy, focusing on digital learning and teaching students of different age groups. One amongst these, an EdTech start-up founded by Mr. Dhruv Suwalka and Dr. Vinod Sharma named Brainywood, has received an enormous response from the Indian students due to the uniqueness of excellent memory courses, which helps students study content exciting and get rid of the cramming, rote learning. 

The Indian education system demands students to memorise important historical facts, formulas, dates, long history answers, and many other things, which has been a problem for most Indian students as they cannot memorise it. Many of them forget by the time they enter the examination hall, which ultimately affects their exam results but not anymore. This start-up has come up with an innovative solution for all Indian students where they provide scientific learning techniques based on education, physiology and philosophy. 

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This start-up trains students to learn well, to memorise quickly, and to remember with precision. The scientific techniques used by Brainywood help students convert study content into visuals that help to remember and help reduce the study time promptly. They utilise the theory of imagination and the association that allows students to make their study enjoyable, increasing concentration, effective learning. More importantly, it provides a permanent memory for students so that they do not forget the content until examinations and so much time in life.

In conversation with Dr. Vinod Sharma, who is the world’s best memory trainer and also one of the founding members of the Brainywood, he mentioned that in India, almost every other Ed-tech company, school, coaching center focuses only on 3 Dimensional learning of students, i.e., Reading, Writing, Understanding. No one is focusing on the most important dimension of education which is Memorisation. Students usually forget the content even after memorising so many times. Our start-up deals with removing the habit of forgetting by converting the study content into permanent memory with the help of imagination and association principles. In India, exams hold an essential part of the education system, and what is an exam? The exam itself is a recollection skill. The exam is the time to recollect, and it is sad to see that there is hardly any school even in today’s time that understands the actual meaning o exam. Edtech teaches students new scientific techniques for memorising and recollecting the knowledge faster and on time. 

Mr. Dhruv Suwalka (co-founder) added that today students and their families are paying thousands of rupees in school and tuition classes where the majority of the students are still lacking conceptual knowledge, still not able to clear the exam because of stress and tension, not gaining confidence to face exams, going into depressions, feeling inferior and insecure, keeping themselves away for family functions & social gatherings and some of them even do suicides at the end of the day. Why is this happening around us? Over the years, we are continuously increasing the stress on the future children of our nation. Still, we are not helping them provide any new scientific techniques of learning that can help them make their study content exciting and help them to provide a stress-free environment. The Brainywood foundation principles are very clear. We want to create a healthy, stress-free environment for the future assets of our nation. We at Brainywood always focus on providing quality education and what innovation and developments can be done in education to help our little Indian students have a stress-free environment.  

He further mentioned that people never realise that innovation and improvement in education are as much important as others in India. Why do we always consider that better computers, smartphones, cars, etc., are more important than innovation in education? Innovation and evolution are essential for an individual, a nation, and humankind to survive and progress. Innovations in education are of particular importance because education plays a crucial role in creating a sustainable future. Today all of the student’s family problems will only be sought out by involving a combination of new learning methodologies, science, and technology in education.

This is when we should redesign learning by keeping today’s students, family, and today’s technology in mind, which is why we started Brainywood. It feels good to see that our start-up is making a significant impact on one individual life and solving the unsolved problems of our Indian students. 

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