Branding Guru Tarun Raj Arora launches his own book “Haar Ke Us Paar”

Popular news anchor Richa Aniruddh had an in depth conversation with branding strategist, serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker Tarun Raj Arora regarding his new book ‘Haar ke Us Paar’. The occasion was of the book launch event of this book ‘Haar ke Us Paar’ which is about the fascinating stories of twenty extremely successful entrepreneurs. The book launch event was held at Hyatt Hotel which is situated in New Delhi. The event was conducted on Many reknowned personalities of the country were present at this event.

Book has been published by the renowned publishing house Big Foot Publication. The book revolves around the lives of twenty very successful entrepreneurs, their success, their failures and their strategies. The book has involved a tremendous amount of research work for its accuracy. This research work for the book has been done by Shweta Sharma. The book ‘Haar Ke Us Paar’ has been edited by the renowned writer and lyricist Prabudha Saurabh. Lt. Gen. (Rtd) K. J. Singh has praised Tarun Raj Arora for the unique concept he has incorporated in the book in his words of wishes for the book. He has also blessed the author and wished him for the grand success of the book.

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To initiate the program, the researcher of the book Shweta Sharma kept her views about the book. Shweta said that the book has a very practical approach and hence it is very fruitful and motivating for the readers. Afterwards the editor of the book, popular writer and lyricist Prabudha Saurabh, came up with his unique poetic style to put his views on the book. He elaborated the terms of success and failure in his own way of poetry. He added motivation in the audience with his thoughtful speech. MLA of Janakpuri Rajesh Rishi was present on this occasion. He narrated the importance of motivation in the present scenario.

While conversing with Richa Aniruddh, Tarun Raj Arora narrated about the different features of the book. He said that it took him an endless effort of the whole six months to complete this book. While narrating about the choice of this topic he said that everybody is talking about success. If you spend even ten minutes on any social media platform you will definitely find a success mantra reel or post. But no one talks about failures. He added that every path to success comes across failure. And that is why he decided to write about failures. Tarun further added that the building of success is generally built on the bricks of failure. He denied the conceptions of write or wrong, black and white or success and failure. He says that these are the two sides of a single coin. The event was anchored by famous anchor Yogita Singh.

Tarun said that the book contains the life stories of very successful entrepreneurs. Those whom ninety percent of the world population recognizes for their work. But even these people have gone through many big troubles like failures and rejections. At the end it was all worth it for them to take this endless effort. Tarun added that he always focused on making the book more relevant and that is why I kept the things simple. The book has very simple language, it has the twenty amazing life stories, successes of these twenty people and their major failures too.

Tarun Arora dedicated this book to his father Late Dehdaani Mulak Raj Arora. Tarun expressed all his gratitude towards the people who helped him and supported him while writing this book. Tarun said that the book will be justified in its motive when the reader incorporates the lessons from this book to his/her personal life.