Cabinet Minister Bains welcomes High Court’s decision to dispose off petition against Raghav Chadha

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Says it is a tight slap for those wasting the court’s precious time

Chandigarh, August 1: Punjab Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains on Monday welcomed the decision of the Punjab and Haryana High Court to quash the ‘politically motivated’ petition filed to challenge the appointment of MP Raghav Chadha as chairman of an advisory committee in PUnjab. “The intention of the petitioner was only to get cheap publicity and not in the interest of PUnjab”, said the minister.

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Pointing out that the opposition parties kept quiet when previous governments looted the state of PUnjab for decades, but now that the  Bhagwant Singh Mann government is taking concrete initiatives to reform the governance system, they are trying to divert attention by making scurrilous allegations.

Welcoming the court’s judgment, the Cabinet Minister in a tweet said, “I welcome the decision of Hon’ble Punjab Haryana High Court to dispose off the frivolous “Political Interest Litigation “filed to challenge the appointment of @Raghav_Chadha to the advisory committee. A tight slap to those wasting the court’s precious time.”

Earlier, the High Court, while not granting relief to the petitioner had summarily disposed the petition filed over the appointment of Raghav Chadha as chairman of the state advisory committee.