Carry a bit of France with the Envy French Perfume

Paris and her beauty have been the source of astonishment and allure for many travellers who have had the fortune to visit. Every hopeless romantic and aspiring traveller’s hopes and dreams have been captured by the city’s modern and romantic charms, irrespective of whether they experienced them in person or through their screens during Emily in Paris. Everyone aspires to live in the renowned fashion capital of the world, or at the very least, have a small whiff of its lifestyle. While we cannot promise a perfect trip to Paris, we CAN promise that whiff!

Vanesa is back with itsrange of Envy Natural Spray,a perfume that is certain to draw looks—or, in this case, “whiffs”—from people in the vicinity. In the fragrance-obsessed communities of India, the French-inspired Envy line has grown in popularity and admiration. These perfumes’ beauty is not simply in the way they smell, but also in the story they tell. Envy’s Natural Spray, available in variants for both men and women, is here to grab everyone’s attention and transfer its wearer to the streets of Paris.

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The aroma and formulation of the perfumes for men and women both stand out. The citrus notes of lemon, orange, and mandarin dominate the base notes of musk and sandalwood in the male version. The scent for females also leans towards citrus, but only theirs goes towards a sweeter palette. A wonderfully fascinating yet noticeably subtle flavour is created by the combination of amber and quite potent grapefruit flavours. One whiff of the perfume and you would find yourself levitating through the fruit markets of Paris. 

The Envy not only gives the wearer a great smell, but it also works well as a stand-alone perfume. These fragrances have a non-irritating composition and are gas-free. Vanesa has done an exceptional job of creating a fragrance that lasts for a very long time while leaving very little to no traces of additional chemical interference. Until it fades, this aroma retains its all-natural quality.

Your wallet might take a serious hit from a trip to Paris, but not from the Envy. With all of its long-lasting qualities and a price of just Rs. 325 for a bottle of 70 ml of pure natural fragrance, this is one of the most marketable fragrances in India. The elements in the Envy have been carefully chosen to highlight the unadulterated sensuality of Paris. The scent has the ability to start a gradual spark and has never failed to catch the attention of onlookers. It is easy to use; just remove the cap, spritz a few drops on your body, and get ready to smell amazing.

This is the ideal fragrance for the lover who is daring. When you go on a date, it can help establish the mood. It can also make you the centre of attention at any parties you plan to attend. All-in-all, this is one pocket-friendly way you transport yourself to Paris, and this can also bring more people along with you through the city’s fruit market.