“Sometimes good things fall apart so apart so better things can fall together.” Once said, Marlin Monroe.  Heartbreaks can be and are disastrous, be it of any kind romantic heartbreaks, career heartbreaks or professional heartbreaks.

Scientifically, heartbreaks can lead to lack of motivation, over or under eating and headaches. But technically heartbreaks can lead to success or failures, a messed-up life or a sorted life. But what remains common in any situation of heartbreak is— everything changes, good or bad. It changes.

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Chandni Jaiswal, had a similar journey of heartbreaks. She says “Heartbreaks makes me stronger.”

Chandni despite of everything that has happened to her, she overcame the hurdles, and today she is a successful model and an anchor.  Her skills and the bold, confident and never giving up attitude has earned her the stage that she stands on today.

Chandni lost her father when she was only 12 years old and was studying in class 9th and as he was the sole bread earner, the conditions Chandni has seen are dire but she worked hard and moved her way up over the years and decided to go aviation training in Frankfinn institute of Airhostess training, but due to do the financial limitations she couldn’t pay the fees and her dream was shattered, but she didn’t flinch a bit.

She worked hard and left to earn and rise high. She was initially an introvert and liked her own company, she also says that, “I used to stay away from people for my safety purpose.”  Chandni has always prioritized her safety, she has some rules which she pledged to never break and build a boundary. Never have Chandni ever compromised her earned respect.

Chandni recalls the experience when she met Ena Saha, Bengali actress. For Chandni it was a life turning point. Chandni says, “I would never forget the experience when I met Ena Saha. She is like a barbie doll. Naturally beautiful and a purest soul one could ever meet.”  After this experience Chandni’s life was changed, for the good. That moment flipped the table for Chandni and she got recognition, a name, a little fame and started grooming and working on herself.

As they say, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Chandni backed a role in the Bengali Movie, “Hacker.” This is not as smooth and happy it looks; it was after undefeated attitude and constant hard work that Chandni climbed up to this stage. Chandni mentions about the role actress Parijit Chakraborty and Mr Arun Ojha played in her life. They stood by Chandni in the worst phases and gave her the opportunity to prove herself in front of the world. A stage to prove herself.

Chandni has received international offers, she was offered to host three international music concerts but somehow, she was rejected. As Chandni remarks, “My profile got rejected saying I am not that bold or beautiful.” She also auditioned for a Bengali serial but she missed one look test for this, though she was offered another chance but due to her already busy schedule of workshops etc., she had to let go this opportunity.

When asked what keeps Chandni going, she confidently replies, “I get motivated by my every disappointment. Challenges make me strong. I fight alone.” So many heartbreaks in life, so much of disappointments and rejections in life, the sheer dedication and “I CAN DO IT” attitude of Chandni is what, that has kept her going.

At a moment Chandni was overwhelmed with all the things around, she was so much stressed with all the rejections and heartbreaks she was facing. She was depressed but her determination to achieve her goals was much more solid than those rejections.  Chandni currently resides in multiple locations as demanded by her work. Places like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Goa, Chennai are her residencies where she spends maximum amount of the time. When asked about her life, she says, with a smile “I love my freedom and peaceful life.” She asks every one out here to never give up and fight.

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