Changing Lives, One Step at a Time!.

“I felt my life was in shambles. I was unable to express my feelings about things that really mattered. I felt pity on myself. My dressing style was not elegant. I was jealous of those who were carefree”.

But now life has changed. I have moved away from those dreaded moments. Today I have my own clothing line and am helping women like me make the best out of our lives. All this happened after I met Anshu Image Coach”, says a leading Fashion Designer.

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With so many testimonials showcasing how confidence and leadership sprouted in them after they discovered their inner potential, Anshu Image Coach has become a shining star in their lives. She has used her Image Management skills to bring around these transformations.

Image Management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your
appearance and the resulting response on you and others. It helps in improving self-confidence and self-esteem, in turn ensuring you are a true reflection of yourself, and at the same time helps in maximizing the positive impact you make on others.

Hailing from Gurgaon, Anshu Gupta has been an Image Consultant for a decade now. She has been guiding people on the art of expressing oneself through Clothing, Grooming, Body Language and Etiquette. Her job does not just stop at understanding her client’s wearable, rather she goes much deeper during her Consultation sessions to understand and decode the ‘Why’ behind every action to her clients.

Whether it be individuals with a low self-esteem or corporate professionals, Anshu has amazingly been a mirror to all these people and shown them the path of success. She makes people feel better by creating a shift in their way of self-expression. She uses her own set of refined tools from Image Management which beautifully bring out the inner core of the person and helps him/her realise their true potential.

Anshu is a Certified Senior Associate from Image Management Professional’s Association (IMPA). She is the recipient of various awards like “IMPA Leadership Award for Social Impact”, “IMPA Leadership Award for Business Excellence”, MS Talks- I Inspire Award – “ The Image Consultant of the year- 2019”, etc. She was the former President, Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA), Gurgaon and Delhi Chapters. In addition to her regular work, she has also been associated with various Beauty Pageants as their Official Image Consultant and Jury Panelist. She has also featured on Television and Radio in makeover shows and talk shows. Anshu’s articles on Image Management related topics are a regular feature in various print and online magazines.

If you are someone who is looking for a transformation or wanting to evolve your personal style, then you must meet Anshu Image Coach. She conducts separate sessions for individual and groups, and the content is customised to meet your specific requirement.

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Don’t wait. Take the plunge and change your life, one step at a time.