Chati – Chati never sleeps. One stop solution for all the companies to connect with their customers

For every business to run successfully and to attain a good name and fame in the market, the foremost thing that’s required is a good rapport with the customer. Customers always play a crucial role in the success of any business, irrespective of what it sells or what it deals with. Retaining customers is one of the biggest challenges for every business because a loyal and satisfied customer would always recommend it to others, thus leading to a new customer base. But, building and maintaining a good relationship with everyone is not an easy thing. In a world of thousands of customers, it is difficult for a businessman or an organisation to maintain a close rapport and continue it throughout. The only solution to this problem is Chati. Chati is an AI platform that bridges the gap between customers and companies and provides an easy and effective solution for efficient connection between customers and business owners.

Crunchy Media is a digital marketing agency based in Bhubaneswar Odisha, provides businesses with cost-effective digital marketing and and mobile communication agency and is well known for its services in digital marketing and social media management agency. It is built with total transparency in terms of expenditures on various operations and ROI created. Crunchy Media is a company that supports small and medium-sized enterprises with digital marketing consultation and services at affordable rates. In today’s time, it is considered among the top digital marketing companies in Bhubaneswar.

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Crunchy Media was started as a small agency in Bhubaneswar in the year 2018 and, in the pioneering hands of Jitendra Kumar Samal and Satya Prakash, Crunchy Media has grown to become one of the fastest growing digital-first consumer interaction platforms in India and the United States. Over the years, Crunchy Media has collaborated with big names such as Tanishq, RTO, Lalchnd, Delhi Public School. Hero Honda, XIMB, Suzuki, Mercedes Benz, Odisha Tourism, Jawed Habib, Kalinga Hospital, and many more.

The main advantage and benefit of Chati that nothing else can provide so efficiently is that, with the help of Chati, businesses can connect directly with their customers. Chati is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for all D2C and B2C category organisations. Through Chati, a business can connect to their customers through several messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Telegram, Email and many more. With the help of Chati, a business can always find a way to delight its customers in exceptional ways.

The main motive of Chati is to automate personalised conversations from businesses to their customer base. Small and medium-sized companies can also achieve this by implementing smart routing, canned responses, data tagging, and analytics. But, all of these can be automated with low-code workflow builders and chatbots. Application of this method would eventually make it easy for companies to interact with their customers in an engaging and warm manner. Chati has been making waves in the market and has been connecting several companies to their customers on millions of devices around the world.