Chef Shubhasish Das –Journey of a young chef from West Bengal in the culinary world

Chef Shubhasish Das (born 16th February 1999) is currently working in one of the top-tier 5-star Hotel brands in Guwahati, Assam. A native of Bankura, West Bengal Chef Shubhasish with an inclination to learn and master the flavors and cuisines of the world stood tall with his ideal choice by choosing a career as a Chef.

As George Bernard Shaw says “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. Indeed, for anyone whose minds and hearts are mostly dominated by their stomachs, a delicious and fulfilling dish could lighten up even the darkest of days in just a flick. Chef Shubhasish Das by breaking the stereotype has been providing a terrific sense of taste for all by pursuing a career in culinary arts.

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As a matter of fact, India as a Nation has always considered it to be a given that a lady should know her way around the kitchen. However, the times are changing and there are many men around the world who are working really hard to rule the Kitchen, Chef Shubhasish Das is one of them who enhanced the goodness of cooking with his true calling to become a chef.

Chef Shubhasish briefs his journey in his own words “I have always been drawn to the culinary arts and the creation of delectable dishes, and this has led me to want to become a chef. Therefore, while pursuing my B.COM, I started learning how to cook by working a part-time job in a restaurant as I did not belong to a well to do background so I had to manage my part time learning as a cook and study simultaneously. After completing I opened a restaurant however luck was not in my favor and unfortunately, after 1 year I had to shut down after facing lots of challenges. That stage of my setback served as a life-changing circumstance that motivated me to continue working professionally in the hospitality industry. I chose to learn Hotel Management without everyone’s knowledge and start everything from scratch, the rest is just history”

Claim to Fame – Chef Shubhasish Das

  • Worked in PM venue in Bankura, West Bengal
  • BOI Recognised Creator for successfully completing the creator course
  • Awarded with the certificate of achievement for the successful completion of ‘The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ certification exam

The Cooking skill of Chef Shubhasish has impressed all he has served but he is also admired for his good looks. He is looking forward to becoming an executive chef soon with a dream of opening a multi-chain cloud Kitchen in India and abroad. Chef Shubhasish’s story proved that if enthusiasm and passion are present, anyone tends to become more resilient when encountering obstacles with more positive outlooks by overcoming difficulty through problem-solving.

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