Chennai Girl Proves – Beauty is more than skin deep

Sandhya B Sattanathan (16) recently participated in The International Glamour Project’s Season 1 Miss Teen India Miss India Mrs India 2021, here she represented Chennai, Tamilnadu on the national level. The International Glamour ProjectTM is an Indo-US alliance that believes in creating an ‘Ecosystem for Women Empowerment’ through Pageantry. They truly believe in breaking the myth of pageantry being biased on external attributes and creates role models who strongly believe in inner glamour and are willing to walk the extra mile and contribute to the society.

Sandhya a highschool student, with designing as her majors aspires to create a bench mark in the fashion industry both behind and in front of the camera.

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Sandhya knows three languages English, Tamil and Dance, she truly believes that dance is the hidden language of the soul and uses this powerful tool to communicate powerful messages to the community.

Coming from Tamilnadu a state known for its people with a heart of gold Sandhya chose her platform to be “Animal Welfare”. She has initiated a care group called “Cause-for-paws” which is a self-supporting platform and raises funds to support stray animals. She is in the process of setting up local shelters for stray animals where they not only get food and shelter but also can be provided with basic medical-aid and treatment. Sandhya states “Animals can’t speak for themselves and I chose to be the voice for the Voiceless”.

Sandhya follows a rigorous fitness regime from an early age and states that hardwork and consistency is the only way to success. She quotes that every morning we wake up with two options, either to continue sleeping or chase our dreams with determination. Sandhya beautifully balances her roles of being a Pageant Queen, a proficient student, a classical dancer, a loving sister and a dotting daughter. 

Sandhya is a perfect example of a girl without limits, inspiring young girls to dream big and chase them with zeal and passion. She wants to use this opportunity to spread the message that beauty lies in our inner attributes and how we carry ourselves with guts, glamour and glory. She says when every girl believes in herself she becomes stronger and smarter and can conquer their dreams.

The Grand National Finale was held at Mumbai. Sandhya won the 3rd place and bagged the prestigious Title Miss Teen Continents – India 2021 and will be proudly representing India on an international platform in July 2022.

Sandhya also excelled in all the pre crown rounds and assesments like social media challenges, personal interview round, introduction round, fitness round, celebrity dinner round and press media conference round. She got nominated for 5 subtitles and bagged two namely Glamorous Mind Body Soul and Glamorous Eco-Warrior along with the Title of Miss Teen Continents – India 2021, making her the only contestant to bring home three crowns.

With passion in heart and fire in her belly we are confident that Sandhya is going to make our nation proud at Continents Pageant an international platform , to be held at LasVegas – USA in July 2022.