Children’s Day Celebration At Max Digital Academy

14’TH November 2021: Max Digital Academy a Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute organized Children’s Day celebration on its campus whereby students and staff participated with full enthusiasm. Due to covid-19 for the past few years, the Children’s Day celebration was being done virtually but seeing the absence of teacher -Student Relationship, we At MDA Decided to celebrate this time at our campus.

 The academy was decorated pretty well with lighting and balloons. Proper arrangements of food, music, dance, and games transformed the institute’s environment, and enjoyment was on peak. As students entered the academy, they were welcomed by the MDA staff keeping in mind the full precautions of Covid 19. There was a photoshoot corner where everyone was enjoying and was taking selfies and pictures all around.

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 Games were the major Centre of attraction of the day where both the staff and students actively participated. The first game was Paper Dance Game, in which the winners were Ayushi Singh and Shailja. All the participants enjoyed a lot during the activities, and the winners were awarded with presents. Then there were more games like Balloon Blow and deflate, Lemon on the spoon, riddles, tongue twisters, and many more games like these. At end function Hashmeet Gandhi was crowned as Miss MDA of the day and Abhishek Yadav was crowned as Mr. MDA of the Day.

 On this occasion, the Founder of Max Digital Academy, Mr. Anurag Roy, welcomed the students with a short speech emphasizing Teacher-Student’s relationships. He also pushed students for better future opportunities.