It is natural for many of us to believe that success apparently means conquering nations, continents, empires and sitting on a throne of power and influence.

But only the wise know that the most successful and mightiest person is the one who has conquered himself.

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And it is no easy task.

In an ever-increasing scenario of pursuing that fancy ‘wealthy, affluent and power’ title, many are the ones who lose themselves.

Fear of falling behind the rat race has placed thousands of people on the verge of depression, anxiety, feelings of disdain, boredom and loneliness.

This is where Gurudath Kamath’s unique coaching intervention serves its USP “Conquer Your Life”.

For those unhappy over their own bad habits, laziness, failure to keep track of where relationships and careers are headed, Coach Gurudath Kamath helps you find YOU.

Over 10,000 people have gained insights, identified those ‘black sheep’ traits and marvelously designed their own future for the better.

And it starts with something as simple as planning your day, making those little changes, beginning small positive habits that add up to create a huge beneficial impact in a matter of weeks and months.

For Coach Kamath, it all started with past indulgences in addictions, unhealthy lifestyle and mental health issues. Life took a 360 degree turn for the better when he miraculously met his Guru and began a transformation journey of meditation, mindfulness, and holistic growth.

Before long, Gurudath decided to share his story with the world and inspire people to find their path toward transformation and growth!

Kamath says, “Awakening the inner voice is like training your muscles in the gym. It will not miraculously happen overnight. If you are ready to put in continuous efforts to work on yourself, then you can tune into this frequency of inner guidance.”

He successfully authored the book “The Inner Guru” and began his now-famous 6 am morning club where he engages people on a 5-day life-changing workshop.

Under his caring tutelage, over 10,000 people have identified unproductive behaviours, formed habits that lend positive outcomes, set goals, practised mindfulness in every step along the way and built health, relationships, career and financial freedom that truly nurture peace and happiness.

When you take it from someone who has seen the best and worst of times in his very own life, there is nothing except genuine empathy, compassion, and expertise on offer.

As Gurudath Kamath candidly puts it, “Practicing self-awareness helps us overcome any judgment we make on ourselves or the world outside…….. The first step in any process of resolving perceived problems is to shift from judgment to awareness.”

Nevertheless, Kamath urges, “It is really important to be aware of what you are thinking and not accept every thought that emerges in your mind. We need to be the watchman of our thoughts and stand guard against any thought that does not promote our well-being.”

Coach Kamath gently prods people to find their life purpose and his clientele ranges from students, youngsters, homemakers to entrepreneurs, scientists, academicians and healthcare workers.

Learn more about his book The Inner Guru and join his 5-Day Conquer Your Life Challenge to join the bandwagon of thousands who have found the courage to shun their old, self-deteriorating ways and embrace new-found glory and purpose in life!

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