Confidence Diagnosis – Driven Learning Platform InstaPreps by 7 Classes

7 Classes is a confidence-centred education company established by an alumnus of IIT, NIT and Super 30. Mr Anup Raaj, CEO, InstaPreps by 7Classes, is on a mission of providing customised education programmes by world-class subject matter experts. 

Anup hails from a small village of Aurangabad District in Bihar. In this region, children do not have access to proper textbooks, adequate learning material, and committed teachers. Many students give up on their dreams before realising their potential. Anup, as a visionary, thrived to bring about positive change in society as he felt problems related to inadequate rural education are vast and diverse. In an initiative to develop his pioneering ideas and solution for these constraints,          Anup established 7 Classes & Instapreps- The confidence app, to provide students with a quality education from the comfort of their village.

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According to the Survey of India, 3 out of 10 girls in the rural sector continue their education and accomplish their dreams. At the same time, the rest of them may either end up getting married or helping their family with household chores. Many families are living in poverty face barriers to education with a high stake for girls who are completely deprived of education. Anup felt that if the girls can receive a quality education, they can see benefits in all aspects of their lives, and that’s when it triggered him to introduce the “Go Girls” campaign to promote education for deserving girls.

Anup says, “I have realised that the purpose of education needs to be rethought and then came forward with our effort and determination to prepare the students for the real-world competition at reasonable fees as finance shall never be a constraint in education. We also aim to provide educational support to girls with our “Go Girls” campaign so that no obstacle can stand in the pathway towards the accomplishment of their goals and dreams, thereby strengthening economies and reducing inequality.”

The point of difference that makes InstaPreps-The confidence app stand apart from others is their analysis of a child’s confidence into four quadrants that are;

  • Confident & Correct,
  • Confident & Wrong,
  • Not Confident & Correct, and
  • Not Confident and Wrong

Before enrolling any student on board, they make sure that the services they offer are apt to the learner’s level. Instapreps is a confidence diagnosis App launched by 7 Classes that help predict the probability of a student’s failure in exams based on its algorithm through the computation of confidence score. Once the confidence is evaluated across the chapters, it further guides the students with strategizing learning. Thus, it begins the journey from confident and wrong to becoming confident and correct.

Discussing the 7 Classes Model of Success, Anup stated, “After researching for over 7 years we have run across with the unique blend of the test, lecture and one to one session in 2:4:1 ratio which equals to 7 and represents the allocation of each lecture attended by the students. Starting with 30 minutes of tests to understand and identify the needs of our students, followed by 60 minutes of lecture with our experienced subject matter experts, and 15 minutes of doubt solving class basis the lectures. So, our main motto is to see our students reaching the pinnacle of success, and that is all that we work for!”

7 Classes offer a plethora of customised confidence-based learning programs for 4th to 12th grade, competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, SAT, Olympiads, National and International entrance exams across multiple boards and states.  The enrolment to 7 classes begins with a free demo live class based on the mentor’s guidance. The learning programmes of 7 Classes help students find the right learning path by matching the basis of their educational goals with the wide variety of the programmes and other options, creating a roadmap to their success.

7 Classes aim to help students with advanced and personalized coaching from top-notch faculty members under one roof and at a very affordable cost. It strives to develop and produce talented students with leadership qualities. Their highly experienced, result-oriented faculty and professionals leave no stone unturned in providing the latest knowledge to the students with positive outcomes. Their highly updated, relevant and well-researched study material together with interactive sessions makes them stand out in the crowd. Their unique point of difference lies in the fact that they are committed to providing individual attention to the students with a maximum capacity of 7 students per batch, and this distinguishes them amongst the competitors

7 Classes have become a pioneer in education that focuses on building a positive approach to a student’s educational goal with strategized education programmes and a customised study plan.

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