Cooldown Cooling Expert Industry developed India’s first powerful Air Cooler with 6 years cabinet warranty

Cooldown Cooling Expert Industry, a subsidiary of JBMR Enterprises, has achieved a milestone; the Cooldown Cooling Industry has developed India’s first powerful Cooler with a Cabinet Warranty of six long years. The Cooler has all the modern-day needs and meets the requirements of an Individual.

 JBMR Enterprises has a long and prestigious history, started by Mr Vinod Pal, who currently owns JBMR Enterprises. The started when in 2015 to work on Interior Panel of AC coaches for the Indian Railways.

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Designing Indian Railway’s AC Coaches is very different and unique to reduce the weight of a train and increase the speed. The interior of AC Coach is made up of light materials such as composite fiberglass, plastic, and SS material. This process also makes the interior strong, fire-resistant, and beautiful to behold. JBMR Enterprises did detailed Research and Development to provide the best quality services to the citizens to enjoy comfort.

There was no looking back after this, and the JBMR Enterprises undertook various major projects to provide their best services to the country’s people. In 2019, JBMR Enterprises provided their services through social service in Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The company developed fiberglass composite washrooms for the comfort of the devotees. These fiberglass composite toilets provided a hygienic atmosphere and cleanliness and wellness at Kumbh Mela, which helped eliminate the problem of the dirty loo. In the later phase of the same year, 2019, JBMR Enterprises achieved a milestone by developing India’s 1st UV-based touchless hand wash station and full-body sanitizing machine, which proved to be helpful to combat the COVID-19 situation in the country.

The company has always worked for people’s comfort and has continued to take a step ahead in advancement and innovation. The JBMR Enterprises, owned by Mr. Vinod Pal, entered the home appliances industry with the same thought. JBMR Enterprises entered the industry with its subsidiary and established Cooldown Cooling Expert Industry, which Mr Umesh Pal owns. He’s the son of Mr Vinod Pal, and the father-son duo flipped the table in this field.

After long research, the Cooldown Cooling Expert Industry has come up with a developed and advanced technology of Air Cooler. The company came up with a 6-year warranty for the cabinet cooler. The quality of the air cooler is unparalleled. It is made up of fine quality composites fiberglass aided by plastic and metal. This cooler works on inverter as well, and as compared to other coolers in the market is more durable.

The Cooldown Cooling Expert Industry focuses on dealers’ growth and looks for dealers who deal with Air Coolers. Once aboard, dealers will have many benefits, and the growth will also be seen.

The Cooldown Cooling Expert Industry has developed a cooler that has great features and benefits with its attractive and lightweight design, the company as developed special coolers of occasions like marriage, functions etc.

Cooldown Cooler is India’s first AC Cooler with a warranty period of 6 years. The AC meets all the requirements as it has an inbuilt USB port of mobile charging with a heavy-duty cabinet that has been tested multiple times in world-class facilities. The company has made composite fiberglass for its Cooler, which makes it even greater.

An aluminum fan is specially designed for the more outflow of air without making any noise. Yes, the silent working system makes it the number one choice of customers with the feature to lock its mobility and stop unnecessary movements that may cause a disturbance. In case of voltage fluctuation, the user can view it on the digital voltage display and automatic water pump provided with a humidity control option to get the best services.

The Cooldown Cooling Expert has come up with a large tank with a float valve system that enables automatic water filling. A perfect modern-day need that saves time. The company lives upto the the tagline, ‘Cooldown Homes with Cooldown Cooler& Home Cooldown with Cooldown Cooler’

When Mr Umesh Pal was asked about his plans, he said, “Cooldown cooler is only the beginning. In the next few months, we wish to develop new technology and provide good product quality in home appliances in the industry.” In upcoming months Cooldown Industry will start doorstep delivery services pan India.

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