Creative Podcast’ Presents a Festive Feast for the Ears: 12 American and UK Artists Illuminate Historical Fantasy Fiction Series This Christmas

Ajay Tambe’s Christmas & New Year Special Series “The Knights of Avalon” a Historical Fantasy Fiction Drama on “Creative Podcast” Features 12 Guest Storytellers from America and United Kingdom

“The Knights of Avalon” Streams from 23rd December 2023 – 9th Jan 2024

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About The Knights of Avalon :

A mystical world of Medieval Europe, where honor, magic, and the timeless struggle between light and darkness define the fate of Camelot.

Led by the enigmatic Merlin, a brotherhood of legendary knights, including the virtuous Sir Galahad and the skilled swordsman Sir Lancelot, grapple with supernatural threats, unravel cryptic prophecies, and confront their own inner demons.

 “The Knights of Avalon” explores the intricacies of love, loyalty, and betrayal against the backdrop of a world brimming with mythical creatures and ancient mysteries.

Dark sorcerers, legendary beasts, and an enigmatic sorceress named Lady Morgana add layers of complexity to a narrative that goes beyond the pages of traditional Arthurian tales.

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Guest Storytellers :

Tanay Jackson (USA)

Sherwin XL (USA)

Wayne Reid (UK)

Breyonna M. Thomas (USA)

Scott Jameson (USA)

Geert Van Nieuwenhove  (UK)

Matthew Doman (UK)

Alina Huges  (UK)

Samantha Swanborough (UK)

Margaret Ashley  (UK)

Jordan Laidley  (UK)

Mark Collier  (UK)

Episode Release Dates

23rd 24th 25th 26th December

30th 31st and 1st Jan

4th 5th 6th Jan

8th 9th Jan

About the Podcast :

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