Creative Education for a Growing Creative Economy

Covid-19 has created the most extensive disruption in the education system affecting nearly 1.6 billion learners in more than 200 countries. Yet, parents are undeterred and look for various opportunities for their child’s future without worrying about the limitations. 

Many new domains have gained momentum, and the digital media and entertainment industries are recognised as some of the fastest-growing sectors.

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) estimates that 5.5% of the world’s total economic output is found in copyrights, and the creative economy is booming, having doubled from the year 2002 which has been constantly and steadily growing year by year.

Hence, there is an insatiable demand for creative content to attract customers, which means there is a massive demand for talented people from the creative arts to create this content. 

As India occupies the top level in the world economy, its rich history and culture are a massive asset for the creative economy. For many, all that is required is to find a creative environment where natural talent can be nurtured into proper professional skills. Getting a world-class education abroad is often the best and most lucrative means of launching a successful career. 

The team at Creative Aspirations recognises this demand and the problem that most talented students face while planning their creative studies abroad. Unlike other fields of study, this is an uphill task as admission requirements for the creative courses are different and quite demanding. Hence, the motto of Creative Aspirations is to guide all creative career enthusiasts in the right direction. 

Creative Aspirations is the only educational consultancy in India that exclusively focuses on helping students gain admission to top universities in their chosen creative fields of interest. 

Apart from selecting the right degree program and university, the team enables students to build a profile through their ‘Creative Mentors’ program and provides ‘Internships’ for students who are required to gain and showcase certain real-world experiences. They even help with the complicated process of ‘Portfolio Development’, which is a vital component of the application process for many universities. 

The holistic process adopted by the team of Creative Aspirations will enable the students to recognise their true potential, showcase their strengths and equip themselves well to be eligible for securing admission with a reputed university abroad. This will nurture their talents to pursue their dream careers on a global platform. 

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