Cricket meets Commerce: Tajurba united Sports with financial Success

Tajurba, a leading organization supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), proudly organized a highly anticipated Tajurba Cricket League, a one-of-a-kind sporting event aimed at promoting relaxation and camaraderie among its esteemed members on June 16, 2023. This exciting league provided an opportunity for MSMEs to unwind and strengthen bonds outside the daily hustle of their businesses.

Recognizing the profound impact of sports in fostering lifelong connections, Tajurba believed that participating in sports created a sense of structure, discipline, and genuine fulfillment that few other areas of endeavor could offer. The Tajurba Cricket League served as a platform to encourage MSMEs to come together, build meaningful relationships, and celebrate the spirit of competition.

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Speaking about the event, co-founder Suresh Mansharamani said, We were thrilled to bring together the worlds of sports and business through the Tajurba Cricket League. This event not only provided a platform for our MSME members to relax and bond with each other but also showcased the power of sports in instilling discipline, structure, and fulfillment. We believed that the Cricket League would strengthen personal connections and set new benchmarks for growth and relations within our vibrant MSME community.”

The Tajurba Cricket League featured four teams, each consisting of ten talented players. The tournament promised to be a thrilling battle of skills and teamwork, with only one team emerging as the ultimate winner.

The team selection process was conducted through an exhilarating Zoom auction, wherein players were assigned points. To ensure transparency and fairness, the Leadership Team, including the esteemed Champions and Atulya Team Captains, were actively involved in the auction. All players were very excited to participate in this event and make their mark in the Tajurba Cricket League.

The entire event was curated and executed by Gaurav Sarda and Shubham Singhania, supported by Tajurba Mumbai Regional Directors Parag Shah, Bakul Shah, and Lallit Agarwal.

Tajurba presented a full-day entertainment extravaganza with the Tajurba Cricket League. This one-day social event aimed to foster cross-chapter bonding among members and set new benchmarks for personal growth and relations. Spectators witnessed the power of sports as it united the MSME community in a spirit of friendly competition and mutual support.

About the Brand: 

Tajurba, founded by Suresh Mansharamani & Uma Mansharamani in 2017, offers unique mentoring propositions to entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators, and professionals to help create growing possibilities for community commerce, business growth, learning, and personal development. Tajurba helps SMEs to scale up, earn 3X profits than the industry average and get listed at SME exchange. They offer Community commerce, Skilling, and Physical Events for H2H (Human to Human) connection among people of different domains or business verticals to share their ideas and experiences.