Cyber Security is need of the hour: Nitin Pandey at Amity University Lucknow Hackathon

A 2-Day Hackathon was jointly organized by the CyberPeace Foundation and Amity University of Lucknow Campus on March 16, 2023. The goal of the hackathon was to explore the different cyber countermeasures to promote cyber peace and ethical hacking. To achieve this aim, the hackathon was divided into two rounds. In the first round, participants were given targets to fulfill. The first 5 participants who completed Round 1 were eligible for Round 2.

Round 2 was conducted by renowned cyber-security expert Nitin Pandey, who asked random and interesting Quiz questions related to Cyber Ethics, Digital Well-being, and other relevant topics. Each team was asked to answer a different set of questions in the allocated time. The teams were given points for the correct answers that they provide and each team had to complete all the questions in time for the final result to be announced. The winner of the 2-Day Hackathon was awarded airdrops, a trophy, and other prizes. The runner-ups were also presented with gifts and awards.

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The event was inaugurated by Brig. U K Chopra, Amity University Lucknow Campus Director, with the presence of Mr. Nitin Pandey as the chief guest and Arya Tyagi as the guest speaker. The Hackathon was led and organized by Dr. Rajiv Pandey,Senior Member IEEE, Senior Faculty CS/IT, Amity University.The participants had an enriching experience and gained valuable knowledge on cyber countermeasures. The event also offered an opportunity for them to network with leading cyber-security professionals and be exposed to the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Chief Guest Mr. Nitin Pandey who has experience in the Cybersecurity domain of over 16 years said that Cyber Security is the need of the hour and the way Cybercrimes are emerging every minute is a global challenge and to tackle these cyber criminals “Awareness is the only key in Netizens” and regular and proper training of Cybercrime officers is mandatory.

The CyberPeace Foundation and Amity University Lucknow Campus greatly benefited from this event, as it raised awareness in the community about cyber security and ethical hacking. The success of this event will be an important milestone for both organizations and will open the doors for more such initiatives in the future. The result of this event is also a testament to the importance of cyber security for securing online data and protecting user privacy. It will not long be gone that Amity Lucknow might reorganize more of these informative events which not only benefit the students but also develop their understanding of the world of hacking and many such malpractices of life nowadays. These events to promote cybersecurity might be a boon and many more to come in line.