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People are compelled to use virtual communication and learning in today’s society because it saves time, is flexible, and allows for self-paced skill development in order to achieve optimal participation and work-life balance. When it comes to the problems mentioned above, Cyber Yodha is the most reliable source to learn how to tackle cyber threats. On a global scale, the number of cyber-attacks is outnumbering the number of cyber-defenders. As a result, cybersecurity professionals and specialists have several opportunities to travel internationally to provide their in-demand expertise. Millions of people are affected by phishing schemes, ransomware and spyware, and DDoS attacks. As we see it, the cyber threat to businesses, big and small, is growing. The cyber threat to businesses, large and small, as well as individuals, is significant and growing. National Crime Agencies, Police Forces, and Company Security Teams are all tackling this threat around the world, but they need additional aid.

Cyber Yodha was established with the goal of making learning more convenient and accessible. They ensure that each student obtains the best education possible by offering over 30 Cyber Security courses such as ethical hacking, network security, reverse engineering, and many other courses for both classroom training and online programmes.

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The entire course structure is vetted and taught by licenced teachers with the goal of providing an inclusive learning experience. This is the best option for improving your profile or brushing up on your existing knowledge. Each course has its own set of tasks and quizzes for a thorough evaluation. Cyber security, web design, and digital marketing are three areas in which they excel. They are known as student and wallet-friendly because they typically provide certified and paid courses or certificates to students at reasonable, affordable, and low prices, whereas other websites and institutes charge more.

Shivam Giri, the founder of Cyber Yodha, is a passionate entrepreneur and entertaining influencer. He is a staunch advocate for ethical hacking and cyber security measures. He is a strong supporter of ethical hacking and cyber security. He hopes to pass on his practical knowledge and skills in the field of information security. Shivam Giri is an ethical hacking educator who is extremely enthusiastic about his work. Students, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others benefit from his instruction. They offer training and services both domestically and internationally.

Shivam Giri, then 18 years old, started working as an outsourcer in 2018. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer applications at Chaudary Charan Singh University in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, he realised his dreams by co-founding Cyber Yodha with Girish Joshi, who is not only a director and co-founder of Cyber Yodha but also a cyber expert, investigator, and advisor for government agencies. They started with a YouTube channel called “Cyber Yodha,” then grew it into a website and app by releasing 110+ videos online with tenacity and determination.

Shivam went on to start his own online Moral Hacking Foundation as a result of this. He used to run online ethical hacking workshops in this role. Can possibly acquire the level of fulfilment required to perform a high-quality job. They have worked with a wide range of organisations in the industries of training, real estate, web-based business, corporate, and other areas as a consultant. They are patrons of cyber security education and promote it by inciting citizens to say no to unethical hacking or the use of illicit software, among other things.

They are available to protect websites from hackers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cyber yodha provides a fully managed website protection service, in which sites are constantly monitored and their staff’s experience is put to good use in combating new threats. Their penetration testing team can detect cybersecurity flaws before an intruder has a chance to gain access to your network or computer system. They’ll look for flaws in your network or applications and work with you to fix them and lower your risk.

Enroll now to become a “Cyber Yodha” and take part in a fun-filled learning programmes.

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