Danisha Hasan believes her strategic digital marketing services compel the leading companies to hire her.

Danisha Hasan (born 23rd September 1996) is a leading IT professional and a popular and extremely skilled digital marketing expert from Delhi, India. She is also a software developer, cyber security penetration tester, blogger, public speaker, trainer and a business strategist.

Acknowledged by leading enterprises and marketing firms, Danisha is a versatile entrepreneur who has worked hard and with impeccable passion to achieve all the success. She has been certified by Google, Microsoft, CISCO, and NIELIT , and is certainly one of the most trusted and credible names in the country.

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Her clients are in awe of her talents and have benefited substantially after availing her services. Hardcore knowledge of concepts is one thing, but the thing that sets her apart from the rest is the practical execution of all those concepts. Danisha is known to provide valuable ideas and strategies to all her client companies, and that has helped her rise to the top in the industry.

As a speaker and trainer, Danisha Hasan usually shares her insights that are useful in the growth of a business and establish its market value. “In today’s competitive scenario, all businesses need strategic digital marketing and I provide exactly that. This explains why they want me,” she said casually in one of her interviews.

Danisha Hasan is an alumnus of Delhi University. She is a post-graduate and has a work experience of over 5 years to her credit. Building trust is one of the challenges in the current industry situation, but Danisha does it with a lot of confidence. Proper planning and execution are the key. Building a strong network of connections in the market is also equally important. Danisha has worked hard and overtime to reach where she is today.

Due to her technologically advanced expertise, Danisha is regularly hired by the leaders and giants of digital marketing for delivering quality digital marketing projects and assessments. Both public and private sector groups follow her for inspiration and actively participate in the training sessions conducted by her.

Danisha Hasan is certainly a strong pillar for any company looking to be the next big leader in the industry.