Darshana’s postnatal skill – “a noble journey to success.”

Darshana Shah is a woman financial planner and founder of FundsSkill. This company has managed over Rs 1 Crore in AUM since its inception in 2020 and has helped 60+ families with financial planning so far. It is headquartered in Pune but continues to grow globally. It serves NRIs from across the country and across the world, helping people from Kanpur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Japan and the US, to mention a few. Darshana Shah was recently honoured by Karyashala Foundation Delhi on women’s entrepreneur day for her contribution in the field of finance. 

She always had a passion for saving money as she discovered her goals at a very young age. She was always interested in finances because her father had been in the finance industry since childhood. She got her first certification in stock market trading when she was in her 11th grade.

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Her father-in-law, who also happened to be a financial planner in Surat, was also a source of knowledge about financial planning and helped her gain experience in business with his practical advice. It has always been her nature to learn quickly, and she is always keen to test herself in new areas.

She made the best use of her knowledge of finance while pursuing her Master’s degree as she realised that it was important not only for business but also for individuals. Having just started a family and welcomed a new life as an expecting mother, she could not continue working and gave up her job. Since she had time to rethink how she wanted her life to be after quitting her job, she started saving, investing, reading books about personal finance, and learning about the skills needed to pursue financial planning. She took her first mutual funds exam in 2017 during her 8-month pregnancy. Her passion for this field had now been reignited. Her experience working with her father-in-law gave her a solid foundation for beginning her professional career.

This drive led her to pursue her dream and start FundsSkill. The goal was to bring the importance of financial planning to a broader audience. Besides serving Millennials, she gives free advice to vegetable sellers, maids, and others with low income as part of her community outreach.

As a one-stop solution for achieving financial freedom and creating wealth for the future, FundsSkill offers a wide range of financial advisory services in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, Mediclaim, Bonds, Unlisted Shares, and other types of investments. One of her key advice includes creating an emergency fund and discovering ways to obtain money for any kind of unforeseen circumstances, regardless of your monthly income.  

She takes a personal interest in her clients to understand their financial needs, their income, expenses and help set their goals accordingly. Motivated to make a difference in people’s lives through her investment advice, she wants to help others improve their savings and become financially independent. She also aims to help women attain their financial freedom and help them gain confidence in their finances to pursue their dreams efficiently. FundsSkill has successfully established itself as a one-stop financial services company helping their clients prepare for the future and combat inflation by dispelling myths surrounding traditional investment methods.

To know more about FundsSkill, you can always follow them on Facebook and Instagram.Social media link: www.instagram.com/fundsskill