Book Review: Dear Manusha: Yours Truly Now and Forever by Anupama Ravindran Menon

Dear Manusha: Yours Truly, Now and Forever written by Anupama Ravindran Menon and published by Notion Press is an ode to love, grief, and the strength of memory. The book is a collection of poems and letters that show the narrator’s never-ending love and dedication to Manusha, the love of her life, despite their physical and temporal separation.

Being apart of the millennial population, the axis of our existence revolves solely around modernity & materialism. We tend to forget that love, emotions, poetry & art are quintessential elements required to keep the humane part of us alive. We have forgotten the very vulnerability & emotional rawness are components that sets us apart from other creations of the cosmic resulting in a widening schism between human & humanity.

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Reflecting upon your own mirror, how many times do you actually ask yourself if you are happy? Are you at peace? Do you smile when you end your day after working so hard? Many people consider this menial and often laughed off. I tried asking this to myself & I realised that I did not have the right answers to any of the questions imposed. 

Hence, Dear Manusha was born as a reminder to me & many of us that love is the most primal instinct we have all been wired internally to be human. It is a memoir, dedicated in honour of love and beloved, through the lens of someone who has lost & yet continues to love. It is a written scripture proving lost love is still love & the rampant energy its memories radiate, upholds love as poignantly & as enigmatically ever. The strength it bestows enables self empowerment & paradigmatic betterment of life. It is a simple memoir, yet a heartwarming compilation of stories which reignite many hidden & buried human emotions. A compilation of 13 beautiful chapters, each depicting daily live events which could be anyone of ours. Dear Manusha is a homage to each & everyone of you, spiralling you down your favourite memory lane, bringing you back to the joy of love and long forgotten memories, both healing and inspiring. All you need a couch to lay back on & a warm cuppa coffee, it will be a read which will touch you deep down.

Book Review: Dear Manusha: Yours Truly Now and Forever by Anupama Ravindran Menon

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Overall Verdict

Book: Dear Manusha 

Subtitle: Yours Truly, Now and Forever

Author: Anupama Ravindran Menon

Publisher: Notion Press


Language: English

No. Of Pages: 102

“I carry you in every breath & every beat I wake to live,

And without a pause, a break nor a doubt,

I would choose loving you over & over again….

You would be the only one I belong to…

The only one my heart returns to…

No matter how far I embark on this journey of life…

Yours truly, now & forever…”

– A snippet of poem quoted from “Dear Manusha”

A memoir called “Dear Manusha” was written by Anupama Ravindran Menon in memories of loved ones, an ode to love & loss and the enigma of its memories. This book is a compilation of various ideas that were mostly recalled everyday. Most of the quiet & forgotten lanes of our memory groves have all the modest & lovely moments of one genuine love. The book teaches its audience that it is acceptable to cherish & pay tribute to a lost loved one. Giving what you have without expecting anything in return takes guts. We have read a lot of love tales but this one stood out because the reader can sense the character’s feelings.

The narrative was a direct emotional roller coaster trip that everyone could relate to. An entirely new world of self discovery & empowerment is made possible by ups & downs, thorns & blossoms & silent love. A bird’s eye perspective of what love means to many people who stay and love in silence, although having different destinies is highlighted in the book’s daily episodes.

The novel also serves as a meditation on memories & loss. The book’s premise is astounding whether or not a person is present in your life. If you truly love them, a part of your soul will always belong to them. It demonstrates how love can be pure, genuine & long lasting.

Anupama’s writing is excellent particularly in the vivid descriptions of the events that allow readers to visualise them. The beautiful spread of 13 heart capturing chapters were composed of multiple shades of love & a plethora of emotions. The plot is incredibly lovely & the entire perspective on love is moving. The author finds consolation & comfort in her recollections. The narration is flawlessly maintained throughout & the prose is very captivating. Her stories capture everyday routine moments that define the very essence of love with a dash of poetry, a tonne of feelings & a drizzle of dreams.

From the first page, you are drawn into the plot & the author keeps you there throughout the book. Try it, you will love the way she writes. It’s a strong recommendation to everyone.

About Author Anupama Ravindran Menon

Born and brought up in the humble suburbs of old Seremban town, Anupama Ravindran Menon, @Anu, is your regular girl next door. Having graduated  from the prestigious Manipal University under the Malaysian Defense Ministry Scholarship, she started training as an intern shortly afterwards & began serving as a doctor in the Malaysian Armed Forces. As much as Anu is a passionate young doctor blooming in her field, she awes art in its every form, be it music, dance, writing, painting or creative work.

After obtaining a Distinction award in the University of New South Wales English Assessment at the age of 13, she began exploring into the writing part of herself. She was apart of multiple national essay writing competitions and privileged to be shortlisted for the Prestigious Dublin Literature Writing competition in 2004. After winning her first prize in the International Notion Press Short Stories competition 2017, she was published as a joint author alongside 19 other writers in Plotpourri, an anthology of short stories. As an upcoming painter, she had also successfully done her first solo painting exhibition entitled Hridhaya:Language of Heartbeats in 2018. 

As medicine is her ultimate field of passion & to answer her call of duty, she was given the opportunity to serve under the United Nation’s (UN) flagship in a peacekeeping operation in Lebanon in 2019-2020 (UNIFIL). She was a part of  an entourage of the Malaysian Battalion 850-7 who actively serve in this region over decades. Apart from being a United Nations ambassador & a doctor in field, she was also the Gender Focal Point representative of the nation & become an active part of the COVID-19 crisis team under the tutelage of UNIFIL Medical HQ & WHO. She represented Malaysia in a few international virtual symposiums to present regarding the adversities & challenges of COVID-19 in operational areas, namely by Vietnamese Defence & UNDPKO & CUNPKO of India. To honour the contributions, she was awarded with the United Nations Peace Keeping Medal and other honorary certificates. She is also currently a nominee for NE8x ® Litfest 2023 Award & Author of the Year 2023 award. She also won first runner up in the recent 7th Indie Author’s Championship 2023 by NotionPress publications.