Decode Lounge & Bar – Best Night Club Opened in Golf Course Road By Naren Pahuja, Jimmy Asija and Pankaj Sachdeva

We all know that Gurgaon is the biggest hub for some of the most happening places in Delhi/NCR. Life in the metro city is challenging because of our fast-paced life; hence all we look forward to is some scrumptious food, soothing music, and quality time with friends and family on weekdays. But on the weekends, we like to rejuvenate ourselves by going to the best nightclubs. 

 Adding on to the feather of some of the best nightclubs in Gurgaon, we have a new add-on: Decode Lounge & Bar. This new Restro bar and nightclub on Golf Course Road is owned by the favorite trio in town, Naren Pahuja, Jimmy Asija, and Pankaj Sachdeva.

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 This is not the first time when this trio is coming together. Naren Pahuja and Pankaj Sachdeva have also opened multiple successful ventures, such as Zorro Night club, Greppo café, Air Bag, and Lamhe café, and now adding to their luxurious list of bars is Decode Lounge and Bar. 

 Decode Lounge & Bar will be open very soon, and you will all be invited to witness its madness. Naren Pahuja, Pankaj Sachdeva, and Jimmy Asija have always started ventures that provide everything their customers want, and Decode Lounge & Bar is built on similar lines. It will be one of the most happening nightclubs in the city where you can have a gala time with your friends and family. Whether you enjoy music, scrumptious food, or the ambiance, you will get every experience here. 

About Decode Lounge & Bar

 The upcoming nightclub: Decode Lounge & Bar, is located in the Golf Course Road Gurgaon and will be opened for the masses on 16th September 2022. The nightclub, restaurant, and bar have already been built and are co-owned by Pankaj Sachdeva, Naren Pahuja, and Jimmy Asija. With multiple nightclubs in the area, there will be something special about Decode Lounge & Bar that will attract people from the entire city. 

 The place will be known for its finger-linking food. If you enjoy multi-cuisine when you go out, you will surely love this space. When it comes to drinking, you can experience some of the best fusion drinks and be up for the best surprises! At Decode Lounge & Bar, you will get served everything precisely what you asked for, but with a pinch of surprise.

 The ambiance of this place is next level, which provides a total mix of modern luxurious style with comfort all around. You can be at the night bar for hours with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful ambiance. The overall vibe of the place is very chilled out, with some of the best music being played, which can set your mood!

 So, don’t miss out on going to Decode Lounge & Bar and experience the fun and experience you would never have experienced! Get the best and raining offers to have ultimate fun!