Deepanshu Kawal – It’s not over until you win.

Oftentimes in life, what is easy to do is not worth it. Sure, crashing on the couch and watching the newest episode of your favorite show is a pleasurable experience, but it is bad input, and it will not help you advance much on the road to success. – Deepanshu Kawal

Meet Mr. Deepanshu Kawal. He is just 19 years old, and a college student turned into an Entrepreneur. He is from New Delhi. When he completed his Class 12th Boards, Covid-19 came, and lockdown happened in India. At that time, he has no option to do anything.

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Then he looked at his family’s financial condition. It is getting worst day by day, so he decided to take charge of his life and solve his family problem as soon as possible.

“When you start taking 100% Responsibility of your Life then the biggest Change Happens.”

He got to know about multiple online income sources. And he stopped the wastage of his time, which PUBG and Movies wasted in lockdown.

Initially, he started Blogging, but it got failed. Then he Started Freelancing again, and it got failed. After that, he began Educational YouTube Channel again it got failed. He started a Marketing agency again, and it got failed.

Facing Multiple Failures is a challenging task. But he knows that Failures have taught him something more than the 12 years of Education.

Then he started his Journey in Affiliate Marketing in Bizgurukul. That was his Best Decision ever. So he just focused on his learnings and building Skillset, which would help him in the future.

Slowly and Steadily, he got results. During this Journey, he has improved himself multiple times by adopting Rich Habits, Developing Abundance Mindset, Building Multiple Sources of Income at just 18.

His Dream:-

Deepanshu shared that he wants to become an IAS officer. That’s why he chose BA after going through Commerce Background. But soon, he realized that it was not his cup of tea. God has planned something big for him, which will be revealed soon. After 8-9 Months of Consistent Hard Work, Patience, and Attitude of never giving up, he earned more than Rs. 80k in affiliate marketing. He is mentoring people to be financially free. He is helping his family financially, and his parents are proud of him. He started “KAWAL FOUNDATION,” an initiative to serve our society and nation in terms of Relief aid, Education, Social Cause, and Healthcare. He decided to donate his 5-10% Income to this Foundation monthly or yearly.

“If you Support the World Selflessly then the Whole World will Support you Endlessly.”

His Learnings:

He learned that you have to take 100% Responsibility for your life. He firmly believes that amazing things happen if we hold the vision and trust the process. He focused more on Developing Skills and Mindset than making money because money is the by-product of your value creation which can’t be possible without developing yourself.

 He believes that If you help others achieve their goals, your goals will automatically achieve. Your mindset will create or solve your 99% Problems, so Try to Improve your mindset.

Initially, he wanted to make some money to help his family solve financial issues. Then he changed his mind to help as many people as he could so they could also achieve their dreams.

His Achievements:

He earned more than ₹80k Rupees in Affiliate Marketing. He gained 1300+ Followers on Instagram and Started his own “Kawal Foundation” To Serve the nation and society.

Many people may think it’s not big enough, but growing from zero to this much is not easy, and he feels proud. We must try to give time to Foundation then Construction of buildings is not complicated. Soon he will be Making 7 Figure income Monthly.

He will be changing millions of lives through his vision and giving the Right Direction to Indian youth.

His Struggle:

He faced multiple failures again and again. But he wanted to solve his family’s financial problems as soon as possible. Sometimes he feels like giving up, but he can’t. That is the reason this article is here. 

If you just started something new, don’t expect it will be an overnight success. Just keep focusing on value addition to yourself and the world. Everything else will automatically come to your life, be it wealth, respect, name, fame, luxury, freedom. Never Give Up.

Deepanshu Kawal is a successful digital entrepreneur today and is guiding many people. If you are also entangled in your life and don’t know how to find and work on a new opportunity in this great time. you can message Deepanshu Kawal on his Instagram.