Dhruvesh Panchal – Story of a Cyber Security Expert and Ethical Hacker

Dhruvesh Panchal is the founder of Selkey Security and an experienced Cyber security expert and Ethical hacker from Gujarat.

With the advancement of technology in the digital world, cyber security has also become the need of the hour amid the cybercrime and data breaches making headlines every single day. In such circumstances it’s just the cyber security analyst who plans and carries out security measures to protect a company’s computer networks and systems. Talking about one such entrepreneur and cybersecurity analyst who at a very young age has embarked his journey it’s been 5 years towards providing cyber security to many world class companies, entrepreneurs, and cyber cell police station.

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Dhruvesh Panchal, founder of Selkey Security is a cyber security Expert and an ethical hacker who is currently providing services in cyber cell police station to solve cybercrime related issues, the journey that he had started as a professional cyber security expert right after the completion of his cybersecurity course. However, his journey as an ethical hacker began when he was in STD VIII and it was at that time when he had hacked the first website. Later on, he got enrolled for Cybersecurity course in Gujarat University and ranked 1st with 95%, in fact he was the first student who got enrolled for cybersecurity course.  He had trained over 2500 students from different colleges and universities.

The services provided by Selkey Security include protecting any company’s network and systems from cyber-attacks. The cybersecurity analyst at Selkey Security protects company’s hardware and software from cyber criminals. They do cybercrime investigation, website investigation and prevent and detect security incidents through careful network monitoring and analysis. Dhruvesh always keeps himself updated and informed about the new tools and weapons so that he can mount a strong defense and detect, mitigate and protect against any cyber threats. In 5 years of his career Dhruvesh and his team has secured many websites and their client’s data with the best of support. Besides this Dhruvesh has a rich experience in Website testing, Mobile application testing, and lab testing.

As a cybersecurity expert Dhruvesh has earned many achievements, his passion for technology and his intense love for the country made him to serve for the betterment of the people selflessly. Being an expert in web testing and mobile application testing Dhruvesh is associated with many big companies and individuals as have been working for them as a cybersecurity consultant where he uncovers the vulnerability of potential security that malicious hackers could exploit. Dhruvesh takes his stand intelligently in a proactive manner in terms of information security. He provides advice on how smartly the vulnerabilities can be fixed to improve the overall security.

The expertise of Dhruvesh is into providing plethora of services such as:

– Penetration Testing

– Vulnerability Management

– Cyber Forensics

– Network Security Audit

– Information technology consultancy

– Computer System Analysis

– Computer virus protection services

– Electronic monitoring of personal identifying information to detect identify theft via the internet

– Maintenance of computer software and recovery of computer data

– Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

– Arranges seminars and conferences pertaining to cyber security

Needless to say, cybercrime and specially the data breaches hamper the reputation of the company and their customers and clients and if you want to better anticipate cyber-attacks before it’s too late then get in touch with the master mind Dhruvesh Panchal, an excellent cyber security analyst. He also provides workshops and trains college students on ethical hacking and the security techniques on how to promote computer security. You can remain updated from his Instagram accounts.



Instagram: – @Ddhruvesh_hacker_6128

Instagram: – @Cyberselkey