Dietitian Sunny Gupta awarded Outstanding Arogya Ratna National Award

Diet plays a vital role in living a healthy lifestyle, and like everything else, you have to be mentored and guided correctly. It is only with proper guidance that one can achieve goals. Dietitian Sunny Gupta is a Detox Diet Expert and founder of 24 Refresh Fitness & Weight Loss Centre. He is recently honoured with the “Outstanding Arogya Ratna National Award” by the National Institute for Socio-Economic Institute, Bangalore, for his exceptional services in the field of Diet Management.

Dietitian Sunny Gupta is a Detox Specialist for mentoring and helping people achieve their weight goals and improve their quality of life by devising a customized nutrition plan & Detox Diet for his clients without making massive changes in their current lifestyle. Dietitian Sunny Gupta has helped more than a thousand people lose weight and manage their health and personal care with his diet and planning not just in India but abroad as well. He has set his foot in countries like Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland, Qatar, Bahrain and United Kingdom.

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In a report prepared by National Institute for Socio-Economic Development (Bangalore), by whom he is honoured with the award, Dt. Sunny Gupta loses 1248 kgs weight of 133 patients. Before the Outstanding Arogya Ratna National Award, he was also presented with Excellence in Health Care Award 2020 and Times of India Icons of Surat 2021. His work in this field has brought him laurel from all across the globe.

As an experienced dietitian, he makes sure that unique detoxification diet plans are made for PCOD/PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid, Constipation, Gastric Issues etc. Diet plans are made at one’s convenience, and everything is monitored right from the beginning to the end. Dt. Sunny Gupta’s diet expertise have been recognised by everyone everywhere. Dietitian Sunny Gupta is Gujrat’s Most trusted dietitian & lifestyle Counsellor.

During the lockdown, when everything was shut, personal care and getting to know your body was at their peak. People were encouraged to take care of themselves. Dietitian Gupta helped and mentored people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he guided them on how to stay healthy and fit.  Because of COVID, he has started online consultations as well, which has benefited a lot of people under his membership worldwide. Not just with their weight goals but eating habits, health and lifestyle etc. An all-in-one package. He has built an enormous customer base with an excellent satisfaction ratio over time and continues to do so. He continues to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.

Let us see what his clients have to say about his services,

“I had done 3-month diet course, and it was a wonderful experience of my life.                       I had made a drastic change in my physical and mental health.

In this journey, I had enjoyed detox and meal very much. The most lovable part is detox day; the detox recipe is so wonderful. It is effortless, delicious and feels more energetic after detox day.

I want to recommend to everyone you can try Sunny sir detox plan. And genuinely, it is beneficial for your physical and mental transformation.”

The other client says,

“What an incredible weight loss journey with high spirited, Dt Sunny Gupta!                            I had a misconception that dieting means bland food and struggle with your food cravings. But Dt Sunny comes to our rescue. His diet plans, especially the detox, is super healthy and appetizing. I had never felt so light and energetic before.

After the diet journey with him, I have learnt that dieting is nothing but mindful eating and nourishing your body with simple homemade food and exercises. And, the best part with his diet chart is that he incorporates all your favourite dishes in the right proportion.”

(Source: Website/testimonials)

His continuous hard work and passion for his work have done wonders for people’s life. He has also been aired on 94.3MyFM, Divya Bhaskar Group and recognized with various awards from NGOs. Healthy eating habits promote a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle encourages you to lead a healthy life.

You can also book your slot with an award-winning Detox specialist Dietitian Sunny Gupta and get your personalised diet plan based on your requirements and lifestyle via the following links:

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