“Dildariyan” Spoiler Alert: Avni is alone in the fire-struck godown

8th February 2023: Zee Punjabi’s show Dildariyan has kept the audience hooked with new exciting twists wherein Avni’s life is in big danger.

Everyone knows these two don’t want to bump into each other, but fate brings them together again. But this time, the fight has gone too far. In today’s episode, Amber sends Avni to the godown to keep her busy as a part of his plan that would ultimately force her to leave the office. The egos of the two will result in a terrible accident as a fire will suddenly break out in the go-down.

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In this dangerous accident, Avni is stuck in the fire, and nobody is aware of that. How will Avni be saved? Will Amber save Avni from this accident? To see what happens next in Avni and Amber’s lives, watch “Dildariyan” at 7:30 p.m. only on Zee Punjabi.