Diljott’s Dream Buds Foundation to donate bicycles to underprivileged girls

14th February 2023: Dream Buds Foundation to donate bicycles to underprivileged girls, Diljott says, “I could realise their need towards the fulfilment of their dream of education…”

Actress Diljott- led Dream Buds Foundation has undertaken a noble initiative to donate bicycles to over twenty girls for mobility. The bicycles and school accessories will be donated to 20 girls at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Sohana, Mohali, on 14th February 2023. 

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The aim is to help underprivileged girls from low socio-economic areas of society and to encourage them to study by enhancing their mobility. This will help them to commute between their home and school and would further help them realise their dream of education. In addition, Dream Buds Foundation would also provide them with school accessories like lunch boxes and bottles.

In the meanwhile, Diljott and her team of volunteers and staff of the Foundation along with the Principal, School staff and students would be present during the event.

Notably, Dream Buds Foundation is a registered NGO which was founded by actress Diljott who has been a lead actress in several films and songs. She has also garnered enormous admiration and her upcoming releases, including the Punjabi film ‘Rang Ratta’ with Roshan Prince and the Hindi film ‘Krispey Rishtey’, are much-awaited.

On being asked about the noble initiative, Diljott, the founder of the Foundation, said that she always nurtured a desire to serve humanity. She gives huge credit to her parents for instilling the trait of helping others as she has always been taught to share her blessings with those who need them the most. 

Diljott said, “My interest in contributing towards humanity goes back to volunteering for numerous social initiatives during school, college and university to then academically opting for Masters in Human Rights on to doing Post Graduate Course in NGO Management and studying Public Policy from Harvard University, USA and International Development from University of British Columbia, Canada and professionally equipping myself for this field.” 

“Somewhere as a dreamer and an artist, I could feel their dilemma of just giving up on their dreams only because they are poor, they do not have enough resources, support, guidance and opportunities to live their dreams. I felt I need an organisation which shall serve as an umbrella and give hope to a million such dreams of the needy and thus formed Dream Buds Foundation. And besides this, we also undertake general initiatives to serve the needy”. she said.