DIZO Trimmer Kit with 4-in-1 styling and 240 minutes of runtime to sell at just INR 999 for limited period on Flipkart from August 23, 2022, 12 noon

–   The fully washable 4-in-1 grooming kit comes with 50% sharper blades and 3 months of usage[1], further offers an ergonomic design for perfect grip, 420 grade self-sharpening stainless-steel blades, travel lock, 15% quieter[2] in operation, and much more

–   Priced originally at INR 1,299, the DIZO Trimmer Kit sale will start from August 23, 2022 on Flipkart at a special price of INR 999[3] only

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August 22, 2022 | Gurugram, India – DIZO, the first brand under realme Techlife ecosystem, is selling the newly launched DIZO Trimmer Kit with 4-in-1 styling and 240 minutes of runtime at just INR 999 as a special first sale offer on Flipkart from August 23, 2022 starting at 12 noon. Originally priced at INR 1,299, the DIZO Trimmer Kit comes with an ergonomic design, and its matte texture gives it a more premium appearance while also increasing comfort and enabling a secure grip. Providing a great solution for men, the fully washable trimmer is one-of-a-kind and comes with 50% sharper blades and 3 months of usage, 420 grade self-sharpening stainless-steel blades, travel lock, 15% quieter operation and much more.

At just INR 999, the DIZO Trimmer Kit is a steal deal for individuals with more conscious styling. The latest 4-in-1 grooming kit lets them take control of their grooming demands without any hustle. It also provides an all-in-one answer to their styling demands while considering the fashion and aesthetic sense of the Gen- Z generation and their need to maintain good grooming. It also has 40 length possibilities and 0.5mm to 20mm of precision, encourages users to mold their beards to their preferred length, and simplifies trimming sessions.

4-in-1 styling kit

For the fast-paced world and people, DIZO Trimmer Kit, is a multi-grooming kit equipped with one solution to your four problems using a single grooming device. Aside from the beard, it also allows the users to groom body hairs including head, ear and nose. For the one who wants to style their stubble in the best way possible, DIZO Trimmer Kit has two combs to assist users with 0.5mm precision and 40 length settings that let users trim and style their beard just like their stylist. This 4-in-1 kit will make the styling session faster, easier and more precise for men who are constantly running to win the race of life.

Long runtime & Easy Charging

Charging any device is daunting, especially when running behind time, but DIZO Trimmer Kit carries a battery of 1,300mAh, offering one of the longest 240 minutes of runtime. If you use it twice a week, and for 10 mins per session, it can run for three months once it is completely charged, saving you with a lot of time and some electricity bills. And, even if you lose its charging cable ro forget to carry it, no need to panic since it supports Type-C charging, which is compatible with any smartphone charger. Forgot to charge it yet? No hustle as it can be used while it is put on charge. If you are still not sure about it, just charge it for 10 mins and it can give you 15 mins of use.

LED Indicator

The LED Indicator comes as a life saver, for you to check the battery percentage. For example, when it is green, the battery should be between 40%-100% charged. The orange color indication means 20%-40% battery, while red means it has 10%-20% battery. If the indicator starts blinking thrice in red color, it has less than 10% battery and the three red blink and shut down when there is no battery. So, now you can check the signals and accordingly charge it on time.

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Sharper blades with safety

Who would not prefer blades that are sharper and yet safer? Taking the grooming needs too seriously, the DIZO Trimmer Kit offers grade 420 stainless-steel blades, which are also self-sharpening and 50% sharper. Not just the style, DIZO has also taken care of your safety and has provided rounded tips on the blades. It manages the temperature and allows the user to trim and enjoy their self-care sessions in peace since it has low operational noise, which means it is 15% quieter as well.

Travel Friendly

For the ones who travel frequently, the compact DIZO Trimmer Kit can be carried around anywhere and help you look the best. Also, to avoid any travel mishaps, Trimmer Kit offers smart functions such as Travel Lock; that is, one can easily enable/disable the trimmer by pressing the power button for 3-secs. When the travel lock is enabled, it will not start accidentally due to external force. Another feature called auto-switch off allows the trimmer to turn off after 10 minutes automatically when switched on accidentally in your bag. Keeping all the safety needs in mind, DIZO Trimmer Kit is an ideal travel partner for men grooming sessions.

DIZO Trimmer Kit with 4-in-1 styling and 240 minutes of runtime to sell at just INR 999 for limited period on Flipkart from August 23, 2022, 12 noon

Fully washable

It is time to say goodbye to the worrying thoughts of cleaning your trimmers. The DIZO Trimmer Kit is IPX5 water resistant certified, ensuring a good trimmer-washing session, after a great trimming session. It can be washed completely, thanks to the certification. A complimentary brush and oil are also provided in the box for easy cleaning and maintaining the blades.

Design that speaks comfort

The Gen Z is all about style and comfort; keeping them in mind DIZO Trimmer Kit has a matte texture making it look premium. Additionally, the design provides the perfect grip and comfort while holding it. Thus, it makes it easy to hold and use without any discomfort feeling in one’s hand.

Quality Assurance

The DIZO Trimmer Kit goes through several rigorous tests in the DIZO lab before coming into the market. Some of the key ones include:

  1. 10,000X switch endurance test
  2. 2,000X trimming comb remove test
  3. 2,000X trimming comb regulator test
  4. 2,000X blade removal test

DIZO Trimmer Kit: https://bit.ly/3pFJ97K



DIZO is a global technology brand and the first brand in the realme TechLife ecosystem. With its brand tagline – ‘Be Different’, DIZO promises to bring ‘Smart Tech Life for Every Different You’. Being the first realme TechLife ecosystem brand, DIZO comes with realme’s support in 3 key aspects – Industrial Design, Supply Chain, and AIoT experience. In terms of product categories, DIZO will focus on entering into Smart Entertainment, Smart Home, Smart Care, and Accessories for its consumers.

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[1] Based on usage twice a week and 10 mins per session

[2] Compared to standard trimmer, DIZO Trimmer Kit is 62dB, tested in DIZO lab test

[1] Based on usage twice a week and 10 mins per session

[2] Compared to standard trimmer, DIZO Trimmer Kit is 62dB, tested in DIZO lab test

[3] For Limited period only