Dr Abdul Hakeem’s video as a tribute to Medical Fraternity is winning the heart of netizens.

It is not necessary to be professionally taught to become a singer; anyone with skill, knowledge, instinct, willingness, and enthusiasm may accomplish it. Dr Abdul Hakeem effortlessly balances his love and job, and now his wonderful video song as a homage to the entire medical fraternity is winning the hearts of netizens. However, the amount of time and effort he has put into his hobby and profession is genuinely remarkable. It goes without saying that passion is a powerful term that may take many manifestations, one of which is music. 

Dr Hakeem’s passion for music as a singer began in college when he received praise for his singing from his medical student classmates and performed on campus. However, when working in healthcare businesses and as the President of the Indian Medical Association, he encountered numerous incidences in the medical field where he could not see the respect and understanding that people had for the medical profession in the past. As a result, he felt compelled to express messages through his music videos. 

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Dr Hakeem shares, “My enthusiasm for music keeps me going since it relieves tension and provides an excellent breathing workout. I feel like I can’t get away from it since it’s a part of who I am. It has helped me to gain a better understanding of individuals and their feelings.”

Melodies, without a doubt, draw people in. As a passionate singer, Dr Hakeem felt compelled to put his singing talent to good use by paying gratitude to the entire doctor community. He had utilised his singing talent to guide, calm, entertain, provoke emotion, and put a smile on everyone’s face, and he had a feeling. 

Being a doctor is advantageous because they get to assist people with their health concerns on a daily basis. Similarly, despite his passion for singing, Dr Hakeem chose this field as a profession because he believes that doctors provide noble service and are respected and that doctors also get to see mankind at its best. Being a doctor is not easy, and providing a constant source of joy for many patients and their families can be costly at times. However, at the end of the day, when you bring joy to others, you are the happiest person alive. People go through such situations when a doctor comes to their aid and takes care of the gloomy situation, igniting a light of hope that is unmatched by anything else in life.

When it comes to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Dr Hakeem says that the world’s current crisis has affected people’s perceptions of the medical system, particularly in terms of infectious diseases. He is proud to say that the UAE is one of the best destinations in the world for medical professionals since the government values and recognises not only medical experts but any good service to humankind. It takes excellent care of professionals in a safe working environment. Though the Covid 19 Pandemic has altered people’s lives, many limits have been enforced to prevent spreading illness. Instead of false expectations, a safe and effective system keeps everything in place, and it recognises that health care is a profession and doctors are human beings.

Everyone wants to reach certain goals in their lives, and the process of achieving those goals turns out to be more fun than appreciating the accomplishment of those goals. In reality, learning how to understand the human body and how to get it back on track, as well as the experiences in between, are things that you will remember for the rest of your life. Dr Hakeem is currently focusing on establishing his own healthcare business in the United Arab Emirates. 

As the saying of Jana Kingsford goes, “Balance is not something you find, its something you create.” 

Indeed, enthusiasm can be all-consuming and having interests and hobbies outside of work, as well as time away from professional responsibilities, can help balance that drive and mitigate the adverse effects of your job on your health and well-being.

Video Link – https://youtu.be/QI4g1pQHHGUInstagram – https://instagram.com/Drabdulhakeem?utm_medium=copy_link