Dr Anil Kumar: Uplifting the underprivileged with his philanthropic work

Philanthropy is a truly beautiful concept. It encompasses charitable deeds or other beneficial activities, such as volunteering one’s time or resources to better the lives of others or enhance societal well-being. For some, it is about donating significant amounts to establish university buildings, research facilities, or provide full college scholarships. Others might view it as a yearly contribution to a community theatre, local food bank, or public school. Charitable giving ranges from local to global efforts and can also be seen in corporate philanthropy. Furthermore, there are notable individual philanthropists and the best part is that anyone can be one by sharing their skills, time, money, or expertise.

One such person who has had a profound impact on society due to his philanthropic work is Dr Anil Kumar, who is also the Founder of  Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation. Empowering the differently-abled stands at the forefront of the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation’s mission. They enable this community with self-development courses, job opportunities, financial assistance, adaptive sports training, and the requisite equipment for independent living. Furthermore, Dr Anil Kumar recognizes the power of education. Thus, the foundation offers comprehensive computer training courses, including both theory and hands-on practice, to underserved female students. With the world becoming increasingly digital, this program aims to equip these students with essential computer skills for brighter career prospects.

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Another commendable initiative by the NGO is facilitating communal marriages. For families struggling with marriage-related expenses, Dr Anil Kumar steps into shoulder the costs. The government also aids these efforts, offering Rs 51,000 per couple. Furthermore,  by collaborating with Jiodaya Hospital, the foundation organizes medical camps across Delhi, ensuring timely health interventions and potentially preventing minor issues from escalating.

In times of natural disasters, the Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation is always on the front lines. Their responsive action during the Global Pandemic saw them bolstering health systems, providing essential supplies to frontline workers, and aiding the general public. In the face of adversities like the Gujarat oxygen shortage or the devastating Bihar floods, the foundation’s relief initiatives have been nothing short of lifesaving. This dedication to service recently earned Dr Anil Kumar the prestigious Guest Of Honour award at the Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam Inspiration Awards 2023. Beyond philanthropy, Dr Kumar excels in business. The Ankita Group of Companies, under his leadership, operates globally in the realms of agriculture, healthcare, and groceries. His endeavours showcase the harmonious blend of business acumen and a genuine desire for social betterment, making Dr Anil Kumar a beacon of inspiration.