Dr. CA Umang Ratani – The story of the man who rose from the ashes

The youth of today are not looking for 9 to 5 jobs, rather, they want to start their own businesses, experiment with their creative ideas, and make their own mark in the market. The success stories, the advancement of technology and social media, and the vast resources available are pushing youngsters and students to take the leap and go beyond the extra mile. Despite the creative idea and the willpower, every startup needs some guidance and should follow some mantras to succeed in the competitive market, beating all the odds. The award-winning CA Dr. Umang Ratani assists aspiring entrepreneurs in consistently building and growing their market.

Umang Ratani is a start up and business coach, a Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary, a published author, a Gestalt therapist, a certified Pranic healer, and a Reiki Practitioner. Today, Umang Ratani has many roles to fulfil and is a reputable person in society. But, neither his reputation nor the stature he has for his name today did come with a snap or nor was he blessed with them all of a sudden. His journey is something that can be told as an inspirational story to the carefree youth who wait for the right moment to let things run their course.

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Umang Ratani comes from a well-known family and is a native of the Gujarati village of Harij, which is part of the Patan district. Decisions are crucial because they can both take you to the pinnacle or plunge you into a pit of despair. Unexpected losses and risky decisions shattered the financial status of Umang’s family, consequentially leading to the ill health of Umang’s father. Life had come to a halt when Umang’s father was partially paralysed. The burden has been placed entirely on Umang’s mother as the family’s financial situation has abruptly changed. Despite the dire situation, Umang’s mother managed to open a small shop, make ends meet, and provide food for the family. The same tenacity and never-say-die spirit that are essential for personal development were passed down to Umang.

A child is greatly influenced by every small event, which shapes their way of thinking and their analytical style. Umang had been exposed to such dire situations when he was a young child, and they in some way gave him a burning desire to rise and thwart fate. At such a young age, Umang realised that the world revolves around two principles: money and honour, and he geared up to do whatever it took to acquire both and restore their family’s honour. Umang finished his 10th class with a 60% and promised himself that he would continue his studies with utmost dedication and sincerity. He went on to become the topper of his village in 12th class.

With big dreams and a burning desire, Umang Ratani decided to move to Ahmedabad for higher education. Umang strived so hard for a scholarship as he did not possess the money that was required to afford him a good stay and education in Ahmedabad. Fortunately, the scholarship was granted and Umang started pursuing CA and taking classes for his juniors in his free time to earn some money. Gradually, with his sincere efforts and never-giving-up attitude, Umang Ratani finished his CA, CS, M. Com, MBA, and he’s also a law graduate. Umang Ratani has brought back the glory to his family and proved that good education can make anything possible.

Umang started his own CA and CS practise in Ahmedabad and even opened an institute and two startups. But, destiny had other plans for him and, unfortunately, they didn’t go as expected. But these failures have not discouraged Umang. Rather, Umang usually believes that success embraces those who learn from failure. At the time of the pandemic, Umang worked on his first book, “Choose Success Today” and became a published author as well. Umang Ratani has started Digital Millionaires Hub, a community that’s exclusively for Indian digital millionaires to help each other grow together.

The story of Umang Ratani is indeed an inspiration to many and will serve as a ray of hope to those whose lives have been changed all of a sudden. Umang Ratani’s words, which claim that our life is in our hands and it is for us to decide what we do with it, stand true in his case. On seeing his family’s conditions, he strived every night and day, sacrificed many things, put many efforts into it, and most importantly, he had a boundless amount of trust in himself. The man who grew from nothing to everything is now helping businesses grow and establish themselves. Umang Ratani created a special set of systems and procedures that enable the business to run in auto-pilot mode, giving the young people valuable time to focus on other tasks that are of primary importance and assisting the business to scale up steadily with the insights and lessons he learned in his 11 years of post-qualification experience. Website: bio.umangratani.com