Dr. Geetanjali Saxena – Story of a celebrated tarot card reader and a healer

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is the Director at Institute of Holistic Sciences and a distinguished therapist, tarot card reader, and a spiritual healer based out of Mumbai, India.

Needless to say, Tarot reading has been every single person’s choice to gain an insight about the present past and future of their life along with learn about any possible do’s and don’ts in life and mindset so that they become aware of their future and their consequences. Dr. Geetanali Saxena is a renowned tarot card reader that has helped open the right door of more than 10000 clients since 2001 and helped them lead towards their goal. Dr. Geetanjali had stepped into this world to bring a change for the betterment of people and their living towards a healthy and a positive life.

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Dr. Geetanjali shares “Tarot card works in such a way that unveils the secrets of people’s lives. It’s a prediction that people resonates with their present, past and future life that helps them become cautious and learn about the proper guidance that can help them lead a happy life.” Indeed, ups and down is a part of our life but the prediction from tarot card reading can prepare you from facing any kind of hurdles in life. She has a huge clientele from the television and entertainment Industry that includes few names like Sambhavna Seth, Shruti Ulfat, and Rituraj Mohanty.

Besides Tarot reading Dr. Geetanjali is past life regression therapist that help connect people to their past in a state of meditation. She practices past life regression therapy only if she observes the necessity of it as times it becomes necessary to detach the unknown energies from the past of the people as it creates problems in their present life, so it needs to be cleared. This has a tremendous benefits for those people with chronic health issues, brings good luck to people along with a purpose in life. It gives a reflection and encouragement of a happy life in the past that helps people to lead a similar good and happy life in the present.

Dr. Geetanjali also practices theta healing with the help of which she helps her clients embrace positive beliefs by eradicating negative beliefs that expedites the body’s healing process. Theta healing is extremely beneficial for people with history of migraines, diabetes, asthma, muscle and ligament damage, and broken bones. Besides physical healing theta healing also helps in emotional healing and treats acute depression and trauma.

With a mission to provide holistic health care to all and help them experience the bliss of absolute mind, body and soul alignment Dr. Geetanjali Saxena began her journey in the field of Alternative Sciences 15 years back where she provides various services and trainings through her workshops at the Institute of Holistic Sciences, India and now she is expanding her wings internationally.

The area of specialization of Dr. Geetanjali includes:

– Past Life Regression therapy and Facilitator course

– Hypnotherapy

– Family constellations therapy and Facilitator Course

– Astro – Tarot Predictions

– Nakshatra Oracle Readings

 – Angel card reading and therapy

 – Coffee and Tea leaf readings

 – Vastu

 – Chakra Healing and balancing

 – Reiki

 – Magnified healing

 – Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Manifestation & Abundance Course

 – Akashic Records

 – Aura Reading

 – Numerology

 – Graphology

 – Switch words

 – Pranic Healing

 – Crystal Healing

 – Seichem Healing

 – Runes

 – Shadow Work

 – Dark Force Entity Release

 – Rainbow Children Intuitive Course

Claim to fame – Dr. Geetanjali Saxena

•Certified Trainer under Vianna Stibal, U.S.A, the founder of Theta healing for Basic and Advanced DNA

•Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and a trainer with Dr. Brain Weiss, U.S.A, author of many Lives Many Masters.

•EARTh Certified Professional and Trainer for Inner child Integration by Trisha Caetano, EARTh

•Certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist by TASSO

•Trained under Spiritual and Medium ship healer Michaela Adam Horst, Germany

•Trained under Mark Woolly, U.S.A, Family Constellation Therapy

•International member of TASSO Board, Holland

●She has attended to 10,000+ clients in her career since 2001

●She is a hypnotherapy trainer with California Hypnotist Institute – CHI USA

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a B.Sc. in Physics and postgraduate in Psychology, PhD in Psychotherapy and Counseling from the University of Northeast Virginia. She integrates her intellectual understanding and her spiritual awareness to identify the blocks that prevents one from living a fulfilling and abundant life. She firmly believes that each person has a free will and hence a complete control over one’s own destiny.

As a healer and a spiritual facilitator Dr. Geetanjali spares no effort in empowering people to holistically take charge of their life by facilitating them through healing along with teaching them therapies that can complement their natural flow of energies.

Visit – https://drgittanjalisaxena.com/

Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/DrGeetanjaliSaxena/

Instagram – https://instagram.com/drgeetanjali_saxena?utm_medium=copy_link