Dr. Lingam Sai Charan Showcases Exceptional Surgical Skills by Performing Complex Surgeries with Ease under guidance of Dr.Rubin S John

Dr. Lingam Sai Charan, CRRI at Saveetha Dental College, has recently showcased his remarkable surgical skills by successfully performing a complex genioplasty surgery on a young girl from Andhra Pradesh with chin misalignment/deviation. The surgery was done at the Saveetha MaxFax Surgical Complex, an advanced operation theatre complex with state-of-the-art technology.

According to Dr. Sai Charan, the success of the surgery was made possible by the world-class technology and guidance available at the facility, which provided him and the team with confidence to carry out such complex procedures.

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The genioplasty surgery, which corrects chin deviations, was performed under general anesthesia by Dr. Sai Charan and Dr. Srinidhi K, with the guidance of renowned surgeon Dr. Rubin S John.

Director of SIMATS, Dr.Deepak Nallaswamy and The Head of the Department of OMFS, Prof. Dr. Muragesan, has praised the efforts of Dr. Sai Charan, Dr. Srinidhi K and Dr. Rubin S John in successfully completing the surgery.

“I believe it’s important to grab opportunities when you have access to world-class technology and guidance, which can give us the confidence to perform such surgeries,” said Dr. Sai Charan. “Our success in this surgery showcases the capabilities of the Saveetha MaxFax Surgical Complex and highlights the level of expertise available to patients who come to us for treatment.”

Dr. Sai Charan hopes that the success of the surgery will instill confidence in patients seeking for treatment, and encourage them to trust the team’s abilities to provide the highest level of care possible.

For more information about the Saveetha MaxFax Surgical Complex and Dr. Lingam Sai Charan, please visit their website or contact their office.