Dr Samreen Khan – Renowned Cosmetologist and the Woman behind Fab Aesthetics.

Needless to mention, Beauty and Cosmetology are as old as human civilisation. Women’s lives have always revolved around maintaining a beautiful appearance. However, that term was defined at the time. The notion of beauty is continuously evolving, with new styles and trends developing on a regular basis, and it has become just as vital to look after your skin as it is to work. It’s well acknowledged that having a healthy, radiant complexion boosts work productivity and concentration. For professional cosmetologists like Dr Samreen Khan, staying in tune with these changes and keeping her skills honed through practical application has become a success with her venture Fab Aesthetics.

In a candid conversation with Dr Samreen Khan, the clinical head and founder at Fab Aesthetics.

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1. How long have you been associated with the medical field and cosmetology?

Dr Samreen – I have been a medical practitioner for the last 14 years. I always had an inclination towards the medical field, which led me to pursue medicine, and my dedication and hard work helped me get Gold Medal. I have worked in Diverse fields in renowned hospitals across the country, specialising in Cardiac, Diabetes, Surgical, Renal, and Gynaecological procedures. Later, I pursued a Postgraduate degree in Cosmetology from prestigious international institutes, where I worked with renowned Indian surgeons and honed my skills in the field of Aesthetic Cosmetology. I have been working in the field of Cosmetology for five years as a professional cosmetologist. Taking a step further, I embarked upon the entrepreneurial journey and established Fab Aesthetics, an aesthetic cosmetology clinic in Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, and took charge as a clinical head.

2. How can people begin their transformation at your Clinic, Fab Aesthetics?

Dr Samreen – We offer a wide range of skincare, minor surgery, and advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures, which are carried out to the highest medical standards and utilise top-notch medications, FDA-approved materials, and equipment. We use aseptic techniques to perform all modern cosmetic procedures with utmost care and precision. Our hundreds of satisfied clients have testified this fact. We are widely loved and followed on Social media platforms. We never leave any stone unturned in keeping us updated with the latest trends. All our doctors receive in-depth training at internationally renowned institutes every year to learn the new developments in the industry.

3. How has your journey been by far?

Dr Samreen – My journey has been incredible through support from my clients and affiliates. We have received tremendous responses from the clients in a very short span of time. The only goal was to make people beautiful by bringing out the beauty in them. However, venturing into my entrepreneurial journey and serving an array of Customers from a Common man to celebrities with best-of-class service at the most affordable price at times is our forte. I constantly try to strike a balance between offering the clients exactly what they want and recommending something new based on their needs. It is my responsibility to figure out their preferences and requirements. It’s my passion that drives me to help others look beautiful.

4. What is that special thing that triggers you to see yourself at greater heights with Fab Aesthetics?

Dr Samreen – We take pride in our patient care and contentment, and we hope to see them again in the future. The joy and smiles we bring to our patients are the fuel that keeps us going; servicing people at the most affordable prices is our objective, and we are constantly striving to innovate.

5. Would you like to share any words of wisdom regarding skin and hair care?

Dr Samreen – When you have a problem with your skin, get it treated right away, and keep your pores and skin texture in check as you age. Examine your skin and follow the advice of your cosmetologist, as different skin types necessitate different treatments. Keep your skin as natural as possible to avoid ageing, but don’t forget that good skincare will keep your skin clear for a long time. 

Dr Samreen Khan is widely known for her accuracy with time management, customer service experience, and strong work ethic. She is specialised in Aesthetic Cosmetology procedures, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, laser, eyebrow reshaping, and lip lightening.

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