Dr. Sana Farista, Giving you a Reason to Smile Freely

Dr. Sana Farista,
Dr. Sana Farista,

Are you able to smile freely when your friend pulls out their phone to take an impromptu selfie? or Do you feel uneasy when you grin in front of others? Here’s a solution for you – “Laser Smile Designing”. Smile Designing: What is it? It is an aesthetic dental surgery that builds and corrects smiles to make them seem natural. Regardless of the condition of your natural teeth, smile designs may do wonders to improve the appearance you don’t like or that has been harmed by aging or an accident.

Why choose laser dentistry over more conventional procedures? Laser dentistry is risk-free non-surgical treatment option for teeth and surrounding tissues inside mouth. Dental lasers are FDA-approved to treat a variety of oral health issues and is much less invasive for teeth and gums than the conventional dentistry procedures. In addition, laser is alternate to surgery, reducing pain, discomfort and the need for anaesthesia/injections. Laser treatments doesn’t cause bleeding or infection, doesn’t require patients to take antibiotics, is painless (painkillers are only recommended on when and when required basis), doesn’t result in stitches or sutures, doesn’t require a second visit for suture removal, and allows patients to return to work the day after treatment. It also helps patients who are anxious about using the dental drill, feel less anxious. Reduce swelling and pain when treating soft tissues, retain more healthy teeth when treating cavities, and is a good solution for people of all ages.

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All you want to grin freely, is what the greatest in the business, and we’ve got that covered too. We are aware that there are thousands of dentists in our country who do smile designing, but very few of them utilize lasers. Hence, you need a tech-savvy dentist like Dr. Sana Farista, who can make your teeth/smile seem better than before. She is a pioneer of Laser Smile Design in Mumbai, India.

Dr. Sana Farista is a Periodontist, Implantologist, Diplomate, and Fellow in Laser Dentistry from Germany and the United States, Diplomate in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry from Buffalo University (United States), and has completed a Mastership in Microscopic-Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal Surgery and Peri-Implant Infection Management from Bern, Switzerland. A world-renowned speaker on lasers in dentistry and has lectured, led various conferences, and live surgical workshops all over the world. She is a leading cosmetic dentist and laser dental surgeon in Mumbai. Chief Mentor at IDA Headquarters for Fellowship in Laser Dentistry by MUHS. She is the founder of Divas in Laser and was named Laser Surgeon of the Year at the International Awards of Excellence (IAE) in London in 2018. Interviewed by Forbes India in 2019 owing to her work for women empowerment and women entrepreneurship.   

The dental team – “Divas in Laser” by Dr. Sana, prioritizes patient satisfaction by providing an exceptional experience that you’ll want to repeat! One can effectively create “high-tech dentistry” by combining dental knowledge and expertise with cutting-edge techniques and modern technology. The team members are the specialist from different specialities, holding the title of Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS), with extensive experience and a degree in Laser Dentistry. 

What distinguishes her even more from the crowd? She uses seven different types of laser wavelengths to design smiles. She even offers new and previously unheard procedures like Laser assisted lip repositioning surgery, a new treatment option for excessive gummy smile.

 She also provides laser therapy for oral leukoplakia and oral submucous fibrosis (pre-malignant lesion & condition) which is an advanced procedure. Pale, thick patch that appears anywhere inside the mouth is called leukoplakia. These oral pre-cancerous lesions are brought on by a history of tobacco, areca nut, cigarette usage and another nefarious misuse. Because the lesion has a high potential of being cancerous or malignant, a diagnosis and biopsy are very necessary. A non-invasive, no-cutting and scanning kind of biopsy called Velscopic Diagnosis is used in place of conventional biopsy procedure and then laser is used to remove it non-invasively, at Dr. Sana Farista’s clinic. This recent treatment option is exceedingly easy, quick and pleasant.

Their mission is to strive for excellence and to ensure that their patient’s need are fully met, whether it’s for their teeth or the overall health of their smile. The patient should be confident that they will receive care that exceeds even their highest expectations. Dr. Sana and her team is passionate about dentistry and want only the best for their patients, which is why wellness is prioritized at every step of their dental treatment planning & execution!

Complete Dental Care

All the dentists in the team are highly trained professionals and have extra certifications and active continuous dental education to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest techniques and technology.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Comprehensive dental care using a laser with an equal commitment to preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. They value personalized attention and long-term relationships with   their patients. So that you can get all of the care you need in one place.

Cosmetic Treatment

They specialize in all aspects of Laser-assisted cosmetic dentistry, including simple white fillings and tooth whitening, replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, to straightening your teeth using invisible braces, laminates and veneers, Laser Smile Makeover, and Laser Smile designing.

Her vision is to provide exceptional treatment to every patient that steps into her clinic. They, go the extra mile in making sure that their patients are leaving the office feeling contented, peaceful and uplifted with a positive experience as well as having a brilliant life-like smile.

Thousands of people have had their smiles improved thanks to Dr. Sana and her team’s Laser-Assisted Smile Designing treatment.

Dr. Sana Farista wants to give you a reason to smile again! She is passionate about helping patients take control of their dental health and achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted.

Website: https://laserbydrsana.in/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dr.sana_farista?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=