Dr Saurabbh Bidani –Inspiring journey of an eminent healer and life coach

Dr Saurabbh Bidani is a Human Evolution Entrepreneur, a mental health therapist, a wellness speaker, life coach and healer with a rich experience of over 20 years in dealing successfully with people. Being an expert in 26 Human Behavior Modalities, Dr Saurabbh is the only mental health professional in spiritual healing and human psychology. He is the founder of Magic of Holistic Health and has successfully worked with over 20000 clients all across the globe.

Dr Saurabbh was always inclined towards spirituality since childhood. He was born with some innate belief in God, and that belief was somewhere embedded in his mind. He had realized his spiritual power when he began communicating with the almighty with the celestial powers and an aura as a companion. 

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It was like he became the controller of his destiny with the reign of his own life’s breaks and steering wheel as anything he desired came true. Everything he wanted he got soon surrounded by wealth’s pool and attired in wealthy wool; however, due to sudden failure, he faced flops and plunges in net worth in 2008. Though he lost it all, he never gave up on his capabilities. He fought and clawed his way back and eventually came back stronger by making him incredibly popular.

When time went rough, all he had was strong self faith and in the universe, and he persisted patiently. He possessed that energy to keep going no matter the obstacles he dealt with. He was never tempted to give up; instead, he kept pushing himself forward. He was introduced to the Bhagavad Gita in 2012, which further fueled his spiritual progress and evolution. His patience gave him the strength to hope in the face of adversity. He had kept that self-belief intact within. His discipline, perseverance and patience helped him to reach his goal. He had successfully rebuilt his wealth by acquiring the prestigious position of Vice President of the million Dollar Company. Indeed, one cannot win or lose if you do not lose or fail in life. Dr Saurabbh had enjoyed success from the rise and fall in life.

Though everything was going smooth in his corporate life, destiny had something else in store for him. One fine evening he was struck with a true calling to come forward and bring out the best in people by making them recognize the magic that they are instilled with by birth. That’s when he left his mundane corporate job life behind to elevate in the journey by taking 10 million people to their optimum potential. Since then, he has successfully worked with networks all across the globe, including Romania, Hungary, the USA, India, the Middle East, Canada, and South America and so on.

Dr Saurabbh is specialized in providing a plethora of services such as Career Counselling, Spiritual Therapies, Psychological therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Past life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Akashic Reading, Thetha Healing, Creative Visualization, Reiki, Family Constellations, Tasso, Energy Medicine, Beyond consciousness, Chakra Healing, Pendulum Healing, Touch Therapy, Ancestral Healing, Natural Pain Relief, Relationship Therapy, Meditations, Abundance and many more. He also takes workshops every Sunday on the above services.

Claim to Fame – Dr. Saurabbh Bidani

 – Doctorate in mental health 

 – Diploma in regression therapy and Psychology

 – Trained hypnotherapist 

 – Healer in Reiki and theta healing and access consciousness.

 – 20+ other human behaviour modalities

Learn more about him – https://mohhealth.com/about-us-1 

Instagram – https://instagram.com/doc.sb?utm_medium=copy_link 

You can watch Dr Saurabbh’s Video on YouTube about self healing – https://youtu.be/hKmHkG3PZx0